Wednesday, September 24, 2008

R for Random

today is my most boring day. ohh it's like living in hell. i stayed at home doing nothing, forced myself to take a short nap in the afternoon, listened to a song in my cellphone (i didn't bring my ipod) didn't bring my laptop since it's so heavy, and i borrowed my friend's one. (it's not a good idea to borrow people's thing!)

i didn't online for few days because of my friend's attitude towards me. she let me used her laptop but one day she just locked her room's door. and i was surprised actually that she did that to me. she didn't talk to me for few days and we didn't see each other although i am staying at her place now. maybe i am thinking much. i sent her a short message asking if she locked her door, but there was no reply. and i regretted sending her that message. do you think she's doing that to me because she wants me to stop entering her room or stop using her laptop? or both? i have no idea at all.

i was too bored and so free till i messed up with my time. i took my nap at 3p.m. and i got up at around 5ish. but i thought i woke up at 7ish cos i always use 24 hour mode for my cellphone time. i have never had this problem before. 17:00 vs 19:00. then i realized i wanted the time flies faster than usual that's why i got my time messed up. who doesn't wanna get away from boredom? oh godd..

yesterday i had my x-ray done at a medical center in a mall. free internet is available in the center and i was so excited cos i didn't check my blog for few days. so i spent five minutes to online while waiting for my turn. i managed to read my blog and replied comments.

when it was my turn, the female staff asked me to take off my top and change it to their uniform in the x-ray room. so i did except my bra. and then i asked her again if should take off my bra and she said yes. so i did and wore that piece of clothe. i didn't feel comfortable without my "inner shield." i need to "hug" a machine and take a deep breath, hold it, and release my breath whenever she said so. and it took only about 2 minutes to get it done. pretty fast.

hmm i have so many things to say it out but i couldn't put everything under this entry because time doesn't allow me to do so. i have a good news to share with you but will tell you another day. probably not tomorrow.

ok see you!


Lina said...

why u go xray? damn, i think ur friend is meannn.. did she know u writing blog?

Sue said...

hahaaa she did...but i don't know if she reads my blog. x-ray thingy tell u later.