Monday, September 15, 2008

A Super Tedious Day

Yes. read my title properly. it's a fucking day for me. i know it sound very harsh when you read this but that's the best word to describe my awful day.

i am now staying at a friend's place at kl. i don't really wanna tell my whereabouts but i have to since i need to tell you how super awful and tedious my day was.

i slept at 2a.m. yesterday after the mooncake festival cum birthday party. i had a lot of fun playing with the monkeys cos this time melisa organized this party for them. it's a joint party cos she, christopher and crystal were born in september. i played with candles and lantern with the monkeys, ate blueberry cake, fruits, kfc and etc. the cake was delicious although i don't really like bb, oh and the kfc has a new taste. it tastes more like mamee snack's powder (perencah) that you eat together with mamee noodle. anyway, kfc today is not as good as few years back. why everything has changed???? the price, the taste and everything. hate it so muchh.

ok back to my fucking awful day. tell me if you think my long journey today was not as awful as i mention here, i m gonna kill u.

2a.m. - sleep

5a.m. - wake up

6a.m. - leave for kl

almost 9a.m. - reach kl

from kl sentral to friend's place (let's call it place A) - 15minutes trip. was sweating like hell and took a shower AGAIN. put new make up AGAIN. i had a my stuffs put in a backpack and a macys shopping bag. the shopping bag was so heavy. i had another bag for interview which is a tote bag. so total is 3 bags. i have used my shoulders for backpack, shoulder for tote bag, and my right and sometimes left hand to carry the macys. (exchange hands whenever my hand gets tired. fuck again. tote bag and macys both were fucking heavy.

A - kl sentral - traffic jam. friend fetched me to kl sentral and reached there at around 11a.m.. took ktm train to K station. 50minutes for a way.

Reached K at 12p.m.. Ask a cab driver for the fare to place B. He told me rm15. fuck him. it's actually rm5-6 to B. Wants to cheat lao niang's money, no way. Kept asking people on how to go to B. Some said the bus station is this side, that side and etc. Asked a young guy where it was, he offered me a trip and said he's going there as well and i was like, "no thanks" (in my heart i'm thinking, i am not stupid. i don't get into stangers' car ok)

finally found the bus station. took the bus and reached the office 1ominutes late. But actually i was on time but because i couldn't find the office, i was late. nvm. the interview started late at around 2.15p.m.. now only i realized i already waited for an hour plus. interview was scheduled at 12.30p.m. filled in application form till 1p.m..

after the interview ended, went to jusco to buy mineral water and noodle cup. noodle cup for dinner.

i am so tired alr..i wanna sleep but before that let me quickly finish this first. my shoulders ache and sore. besides sweating too much, i lost my energy alot, i walked alot, talked alot (asking strangers for directions) and think alot too. felt like today was not my day. had fillet-o fish it cost me rm4.20 just the sandwich. 20cents for the 5%govt. tax for dine in. so i had only a bread for breakfast, sandwich for my tea time? and cup noodle for dinner. but i feel happy and blessed because i am all day tired and finally i got food to eat. so don't complain much. i spent more money on fares more than my food today. amazing... (did you smell sarcasm here?)

i wanna post some pics but i'm using friend's laptop. no more pics. yeah not fun i know. from now on will write shorter entry. what you think? do you prefer a long or short entry or normal? no pics=no fun. luckily i didn't bring my laptop if not i don't think i can carry so many stuffs and my laptop is super heavy. omg...what a life!! ok i am more optimistic now after what had happened to me today.

reached home at around 5.30p.m.. from K to kl sentral was a tough one for me. i almost fell asleep but i didn't let myself to do that. cos i'm afraid i'll miss my destination. very very tired alr. had used up my energy to the max. my eyes were super exhausted. i could fall asleep anytime i want when i'm tired.

went home, took shower and slept for few hours. got up, online, talked on phone and chit chat with M at her balcony. so nice can see kl view.

i wanna sleep now. if you are bored with this entry let me know. this entry is intended for my own reference and not intended to bore you or make you yawn when reading it. byebye.

p/s: if i ever die of cancer or any disease, that's because of today's fucking awful day. Then this blog will be closed forever. or no more updates. no more laughter and Sue. this is lame. nite.

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Lina said...

waseh, wat a bz day for u! and when u said u watching the KL view, make me feel going back!!! anyway. take a good rest, then tomorrow will have new day~~ ^_^
ur blog not LO SO, is okie for me!! JIa You Ba~