Friday, September 5, 2008

What Makes Me Laugh

Ok i am writing this entry and at the same time laughing because of something. hahahahaha....So i wanna share it with you.

It's actually about the analgesic balm that my popo (grandma) is using. It has a picture of a red person and a big word - Counterpain.

Analgesic balm or better known as the branded massage cream. :D

I was watching a new tvb drama with popo. Popo has just finished using the balm and while she was holding it and there's a scene of a mother, a son and his gf who comes to visit the mother. The mother accidentally injured her leg earlier and the gf says, "Oh aunty, i brought you a branded massage cream.

What made me laughed when i was watching the drama is not the "branded massage cream" phrase but it's the tube of analgesic balm that the gf is giving to the bf's mom. It looks exactly like what popo was holding (what a coincidence!).

The episode is over, but i am still laughing. What makes me laugh now is not picture of the tube, but it's the "branded massage cream" phrase. Do you get it?

And when the scene pops out of my mind from nowhere, i just can't stop myself from thinking of the phrase and the scene. wuahahahahahahahahaha......oh btw, it's funnier if you could listen the phrase in cantonese. I just translated it into english.

Popo also can't stop talking about the branded massage cream phrase whenever she remembers it. :)

p/s: I want more reply of last entry!!

p/p/s: Yeah yeah finally can upload photos!! happy to upload this photo! :P bye!

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