Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad Morning

Everybody got their paycheck slip today and was busy withdrawing money from the atm machine. i checked my account online but i didn't get mine. i knew it. :( I heard some of my colleague was asking each other if they have withdrawn their money.

i'll only get mine at the end of the month or early next month for my first month of work. this morning there was a crazy man on motorbike frightened me to death...not dying yet but my heart was like "bop bop, bop bop." when i walked at the road, there were no cars. so weird. normally i see many cars driving very fast and this stupid brainless guy frightened me from my back when he passed thru me. oh damn damn..i wish he was dead. really.

i didn't show the frightened look and you know when people frighten you without you noticing them, your body will be like "shaking"a bit... he just shouted "hoo" and just left. i should have carried a bottle or have a big stone handy so that i can throw it to his body or his bike. no use if you throw it at his head cos he was wearing a helmet. what a useless bastard. he has nothing to do but to frighten people early in the morning...i bet he won't shout to me if there were cars cos he won't have the chance to do that.

so lazy, sleepy and down today. the president's secretary checked my minutes for me. i know my minutes are so vague. i don't even understand what i was writing. ok nvm that. i was wearing my blazer not because i like to wear it but because it's freaking cold in my office. but i wore flats in office unless i have meetings. this secretary told me NOT to wear flats to president's office cos "we won't know when ceo will be here and he is very particular. even the ceo's secretary needs to wear professionally," she said. thanks for letting me know. do you smell sarcasm here? nvm...

had lunch with my boss and the sect. oh it was so boring. we had japanese food and ohh so boring...lazy to talk bout my boss. no comments.

p/s: i guess i shouldn't talk about my boss again. sien..will go to my friend's open house on deepavali day. will take lots of pics. :) happy waiting.

p/p/s: TGIF tomorrow...

p/p/ps: YEAH THIS IS MY 100th POST!!! Long live Laughing Sue! :)


Lina said...

wow~ so fast! already 100, anyway, JIA YOUUUU

Sue said...

kakaka thanx