Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i don't blog everyday now but i do view my blog 27 times a day. there's no internet for staffs at my office unless you are an assistant manager (AM) and above. i can only send and check emails, and that's so boring. internet is only allowed for staffs below AM from 6p.m. - 8p.m.. before i continue, i wanna wish happy belated birthday to edwards! it's his birthday yesterday :).

it rained so heavily today and guess what, i was wet all over my body with those milo water. it's a little flooded at the road that i walk everyday. and so many cars passed by the road (and like speeding too). those rain water or milo water splashed to my whole body. my pants was wet and sands were on my shirts. my butt was wet too. goshh it's so hard for me to walk with my wet pants.

when i was sitting at the lrt, i could feel the water dripping from my pants. and when i raised up my legs, water is seen dripping from my shoes. so hilarious...but i just don't have the mood to laugh. :(

starting to be busy with work and i just don't understand why some people can be so busybody as if their mouth would be smelly if they don't talk bad about people. shut off and do your work. but why me?? i was actually peeking at AVP's office and wanted to see this avp's face because i need to know who he is cos my another colleague was telling me about him and i need to deal something with him for tomorrow's meeting. and this staff didn't look at me directly and she told her colleague that i was so busybody. wtf.

she even mentioned my name although there is another staff who has similar name with me but with different pronunciation. she's on leave today that's why i am pretty sure she was referring to me. oh what a bitch! she said, "eh this susan is so busybody looking to check who's in the room." she talked so loud in front of me and NOT at the back of me. who cares is in the room, anyway. i couldn't see the avp's face but only saw the guest's back who was talking to the avp.

working life is so boring and miserable. there are so many types of people. there are also a few malay staffs in the office that looked at me with a weird stare as if i don't belong there. the staff who called me busybody always walk pass my desk to the printer at the back. i always smile to her but her facial expression is like i am not welcomed. ok now i don't wanna smile to her anymore. cb. hahahhaha. i thought only some americans are fake (not to jan-a) but malaysians are the same. 2x5

p/s: it's so hard to be a morning person. transforming from a vampire to a normal homo sapien is not easy. i really appreciate my good old times where i sleep for the whole day and nobody cares about me. so nice to have a sleep without needing to set my alarm clock. :)


Lina said...

yaya, finally later when i wake up no need to use alarm coz HOLIDAY! anyway, i can imagine how ur office is, and those employee faces.. and JIA YOU susan, what wrong being a busy body? CHOi mehhh

Sue said...