Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Good News

the good news that i wanna share with my loyal readers is -- i got a job!! hip hip hoorayyy!!!

the interview was a tough one cos i didn't expect it was going to be a group interview. i was very very nervous from the beginning till the end of the interview. when the interviewer asked me to introduce myself, i was super nervous till i didn't know what i was talking. i even told them that i was nervous and please let me start all over again. phew~~ never ever tell the interviewer that you are nervous!

there were 3 interviewers. one was the hr personnel, the other two were my bosses-to-be. boss A looks friendly and boss B is very cool. boss A and hr personnel took their turn to ask me questions. boss B didn't ask me that many questions, but whenever he asked me questions, those questions were a tough one and i needed some time to think before i answered them.

they asked me questions that i read before some time in ny but i didn't seem to know how to answer them. i was rather surprised with those questions cos i never thought they were gonna ask me the so called difficult questions. omg...i felt like knocking my head on the wall and i regretted not revising the "25 most difficult questions during an interview" that freddy sent me last time.

one question really amazed me and them was, "what do you see yourself five years from now?" zomg...how do i knoww honestly? married, have children, live happily? anything could happen five years from now. but guess what my answer was? i said, "i hope that i am a senior executive by then." three of them paused for a moment and their facial expression changed suddenly. shit..did i say something wrong? five years is too short to be a senior exec.? or maybe ten years is more appropriate? i don't know. i just crapped. i told them i wanted to climb the corporate ladder. maybe they were amazed with my answer and felt that i am too ambitious or maybe they thought i am stupid? ahhh whatever it is, i finally got the job and i was direct hired by them. i am so happy...the moment the hr personnel told me, "congrats you are hired." :) :) :) i was not that excited as i thought i'd be when she told me that. i was too tired to be happy i think. but when i was in the lrt, i started to feel the excitement. hahaa am i a tortoise or what?? so slowww even in my own feeling of excitement.

i was just shocked. so the interview was a successful one, i guess. when boss B came out from the room, he told the other two, "she is good." wowwwwww i was so happy cos he was obviously talking about me because i was the only candidate that was being interviewed that morning.

the bad news is that i need to actually walk for at least 20 minutes (fast speed) to the office after taking lrt. and the 20 minutes walk is scary to me cos construction is going on at one side. at the other side is full of trees and if you look carefully inside the bushes, you can see the cemetery. i am not afraid of the cemetery, but rather afraid of the robbers, kidnappers, rapists or any kind of bad people. i don't want to disappear suddenly from this world.

to be honest, i didn't absorb some of the things they were telling me cos i was too tired and sweaty. i've told you that i walked alot and i am always sweating whenever i go for interview (because of walking). i really hope that i can find a company that is located strategically from the lrt station (only 5 minutes walking distance or maybe just right opposite the lrt station). that'd be great!! but i think that's just a dream that will never come true. :)

also that morning, i changed to pumps when i reached the building. i wore flats cos i had to walk. and the road is in a bad condition (curvy, holes, up and down - i just don't know how to describe it. in conclusion, it's hard to walk even with flats. so now, when i start working i'll have to wear flats and change to pumps/high heels when i reach the building. of cos i won't change it at the main entrance of the building but i'll change it at the restroom. if you ask why not wear sneakers, cos sneakers is hard to change especially when i am in hurry. flats is easier and is faster to change.

ok enough of my story. i am afraid what if, in future my bosses or my colleagues will know about my blog's existence. i hope they'd not know about it cos i want to continue writing my blog. and i don't wanna let certain people know what i'm thinking or doing. zzZZzzzz...

p/s: start working tomorrow. :o)


becky said...

he he he
yay susan dah bekerjaya...
u keje kat mn ???
anyway. congrats to u...

becky said...

who is becky ??
actually i la, aimie..classmatrs panggil i becky sb i dulu minat beckham..itu dulu la..skrg biasa2 ajer

Sue said...

kaka i know is u....finally comment ya??!!! thanks


Lina said...

eh, u MUST be careful when u walk to that SCARY road.. damn, i sambil imagine sambil read .. eh, buy the pepper spray, or bring Umbrella.. that really far to walk to 20 min! cant take bus?? oh my god, i dunno what to say, but PLEASE, be careful ok. coz if u everyday walk same street or.. bla bla bla, those C**A* will do bad things on u.. sooo bcareful k k

Sue said...

i knowwww..
no buss...only walk..i'll bcareful no worries. i will. :P kill those cb! hahahah