Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Food More Photos

Finally, i have faster connection now. and since my blog is getting lesser visitors due to either a) the boring-ness of my blog or 2) lack of pictures in it. i don't know. maybe both. there will be 2 entries for today since i am so happy and tired at the same time. next entry is scheduled to be posted at nite. :) enjoy!

#1 my favorite - pineapple tart

#2 noodle soup with yong taufu

#3 mangosteen

#4 homemade dish - chili, bittergourd as the shell, and inside is the minced meat

#5 cornetto ice-cream

#6 dumpling. oh my fav too.

#7 dumpling from the inside. i love the beans, yummie~

#8 guess what is this?

#9 bird's nest

#10 airplane food. the croissant tasted really good~

#11 see the seafood salad? it's delicious and fresh. sitting next to me in the airplane was an indian uncle who told me he doesn't eat any meat except mutton :P he gave his salad to me. :)

#12 the choc cake is yummie but a bit too sweeet.

#13 curry chicken i think?

#14 yeayea free ad for cornetto. miss this ice-cream when i was in us.

#15 Soft-shelled crabs. cooked by mummy.

#16 my favorite soup..errr but i don't know the name :P

#17 christopher with his honey stars

#18 both eating orange flavored jell-o that i made for them

#19 cheeseee~~

enough of pics?? no? sorry can't help. :P just wait..ok?


Lina said...

wah, never see these kind shape of pineapple tart.. and U MAKING ME HUNGRY!!!! eh, the airplane food look damn nice! i miss those kind of noodle!!! SUEEE I HATE U!!!!!

Sue said...

yeahh it's like tattt the tart not like egg tart. don't hate me babyy