Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perverts Must Die

i can't think of anything now but about perverts at the lrt, there are many types of them. i met one man who likes to stand facing side, front and back of ladies. this man at first was facing at the back of a woman and when the woman came out from the lrt, he faced at the side of another lady. and then finally he stood sort of close to me and with his hand pretending to hold the wall glasses that is only taller than me a bit.

i knew something was wrong with him cos he looks like a pirate or dan ngan lou. he kept blinking one of his eyes (i couldn't remember left or right eye) but i bet that's his so called disease and not blinking it for fun (or maybe blinking it for fun, god knows it better than me).

i was holding my umbrella and i purposely pointed my umbrella to him cos i knew he was a pervert. he kept coming closer to me although i was doing that umbrella pointing. he didn't care and came very close. oohh bastard..i was freaking scared cos who knows what will he do to me. this crazy people won't care how people perceive them.

and when he wanted to come out from lrt, i was standing at the door when it opened. i should have come out from the lrt, and then let the people out, then only i go back in but i didn't. i was sort of like moving my body to a corner and let the passengers out. but you know what this ugly pervert did to me? he came out from the lrt and pretended to look like he's squeezing out from the crowd and RUBBED his hand on my hand. ohh bugger...mother fucker...he rubbed his hand to my arm and i felt so geli and wanted to die. oh die die die i wished he was dead. but i was glad that he didn't do more than that to me. cos i was scared he will do worse thing to me. fuhhhh...

enough of perverts for now, but ladies out there must becareful of perverts at lrt. we won't know who and which is pervert, but just beware of suspicious men who acts weirdly at lrt. this is not about discriminating men but jus make sure you are safe when you are travelling to work or to anywhere.

p/s: ohh lrt again tomorrow, so there'll be chances to meet new perverts again. :(


Lina said...

he must be feel EXCITED when u pointing the umbrealla to him, coz he felt CHALLANGED! if u got time, go learn some self protection technique~

Sue said...

to hell he goes..hahahaha