Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's an interesting topic to discuss. How to know if someone is a pervert when you are at lrt? Please pay attention, ladies!

(bear in my mind there are two kinds of pervert: 1) is a silent pervert, the other one is 2) physically hamsup you. a pervert can be a male or female pervert. i'm referring to male pervert here)

1. a pervert will look at you every 5 minutes or less whether or not you exchange an eye contact with them. if you want to exchange an eye contact with them, curse him in your heart. you must look at his eyes. don't look at them if you really feel uncomfy. this is a silent pervert.

2. a pervert will tend to stand right behind of you. they like to rub their private part against women's butt especially to young ladies. some like to stand right in front of ladies especially when the lrt is so packed like a sardine, they will have a very good chance to be closer to you. i bet they are just itchy and want to get closer to you, ladies! yess you!! be alert!! this pervert physically hamsup you. try to move to the other part of the lrt; such as move to where most ladies stand. the best time to do it is when the lrt is going to stop at the next stop.

to be continued...

p/s: tired. time to bed... ZzzZZ


renaye said...

luckily i have not come across any hamsup lo in the lrt despite taking it everyday! but there were times there were guys who keep looking at me which made me so uncomfortable. and there was one time, if i'm not mistaken, this guy took a picture of me with his handphone and i tried so hard to put my face away!

vertigonick said...

there is also the type of guy who just looks at you (because you look familiar, pretty)without any err.. hamsap-ness factor involved..

..and you stare/glare back at the guy cause you think he's a pervert..

..thus making the guy embarrassed and wondering himself whether he is a pervert or not T.T

Sue said...

renaye: sad to hear that!! you should whack the guy and grab his phone to see if he's taking your pic!!

vertigonick: glad to know there's this type of guy!!! but very rare i think.