Monday, October 6, 2008

S is for Sick

i had a bad bad week. last week was a raya week and it's a sick holiday for me. i wasn't feeling well and i spent most of my time in the toilet. you don't need me to explain why i spent my precious time there, don't you?? :P. i am still coughing...but i feel much better now.

i went out shopping for clothes and had my hair cut. i was so excited finally i got my hair cut and my fringes trimmed and layered. it was so long that i had trouble eating my noodle soup. now i can feel my hair is so much lighter and i can save my shampoo too.

when i am at lrt today, i saw a young lady who looks like a lesbian to me (i wasn't sure). i don't know how to explain it to you, but she's like looking at me straight from her eyes and, you know she stared at me as if she wanna have electric shock with me...hahahahaaa. and then next to me was a young man and she also stared at him. at first, i thought they were friends, but later on i realized they weren't. life is so interesting huh?? when our eyes met, i didn't wanna stare long cos i am afraid she will jampi me with her stare, who knows right?? and when she got down from lrt, the young man kept looking at her till she disappeared from his sight. what a scary woman! i don't know her purpose of staring. i have my own opinion to this young lady but i'll just keep it to myself. :P

i wish no more crazy things happen to me. i really had enough and i am afraid of seeing crazy people, weirdos, and etc. i just want to have a simple yet happy life. enough money for me to spend and save, enough of food and desserts to keep me warm and cold, being together with my loved ones and feel happy everyday. :) but life's a bitch, ain't it? yeah i've told you! (sound so energetic suddenly whooahhhh) it sounds simple but you'll never get those simple little things in your life sometimes. it's a matter of time or maybe it just won't happen to me! or maybe i was cursed from the day i was born (a bit exaggerated...huh?)

i feel so down everytime i'm tired. feel so pessimistic and lifeless. this week is gonna be a tough week too. i hope you guys have a great week and thanks for listening to my crap. and when sue is tired, she becomes crappy. bai bai~

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