Friday, October 10, 2008


Yeah it's friday!!! wuahahaha super happy and excited. will be busy in the weekend too. no mood to blog yesterday cos too exhausted. :)

went to open my epf account today. the hr personnel told me that NOW employees have to open their epf account by themselves but that is not true! i checked the epf website and it says that:

Your Responsibility
If you are employed and not registered as an EPF member, it is your responsibility to remind your employer to register you as soon as possible. If your employer refuses to do so, you can go to any EPF office to register yourself by completing the Form EPF 3. You can also lodge a complaint on your employer's refusal to register you as a member.
-copied and pasted directly from

my hr personnel told me that my company does not help employees to apply for epf anymore. therefore employees have to go open by themselves. even my boss didn't know that's the case when i told him i need to get my epf done. anyway, was glad that i got it done now. :O)

what surprised me was that the staffs were very efficient in handling enquiries and matters and friendly too. the receptionist will make sure that you fill out registration form and have a photocopy of your id first, only then they will give you a number to wait for your queue. and what was so distressing is that the board that shows the queue numbers kept flashing. i had to actually stared at the board to see if my number was next. i didn't have the time to even look down or some where else cos i don't wanna miss my turn.'s like a stock board (if that's what you called it, i have no idea) where you see the stocks market figures keep rising and dropping.

and then when the registration was done, i took another number to apply for i-akaun. i-akaun is an online account and you can access your statement online and update your info too. there's no book given to you and you'll just get a piece of paper stating your 8-digits epf number and your personal information on it after the registration for epf account.

in a nutshell, govt servants here are popularly known to be slow and inefficent in their work. okayy enough of this. i don't wanna talk about govt, politics and religion in my blog.

bleh bleh wanna enjoy my lovely nite. ciao~


Lina said...

so did u lodge a complaint on your employer's refusal to register you as a member? and i really happy that YEAH IS TGI F! ahhaah i will said it every Thursday or friday! lol oh yeah, teruk, i got 2 days work at kobe nia.. hope can chat with u again

Sue said...

no no no. they let me register as a member but want me to register myself instead. the hr personnel is just lazy i think.