Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Heart You

xyz. muaksss 123

i miss him more and more everyday. i wish he was here.

when your loved ones is by your side, you feel happy being with him, but there's nothing special when you see each other. you even hate each other sometimes and wish he doesn't bother you at all. it's not that you don't appreciate him when he is with you, it's just that human beings sometimes could not explain why they behave in such a way.

so when you are far apart from each other, you wish he was here, by your side, and you start to think, "how i wish he was here and i'll do this and that with him." but eventually when you guys see each other, you forget everything you've promised him on what you wanna do.

so the next time you see each other, make sure you do what you've promised him. don't let him down and make promises when you are happy. happy people like to make promises because they are in joy. but i like to promise him something when i am very happy and really mean to fulfill my promises. at least i try my best...

p/s: for my case, i use him. you can replace him for her. :)

i heart wk from the bottom of my heart. and i can't believe i am writing this in my blog. time to bed...zzZzzZzz

p/p/s: comments are off since nobody comments.