Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My mum once told me, "Young ladies should use lip gloss."

Don't use lipstick because "only old ladies use lipstick."

And guess what my mum use? She uses none of the above, and therefore she is just a normal lady.

I received an email and in the email it mentions that most of the branded and well known makeup brand lipstick contains lead.

You can try it if it really contains lead by using your gold ring (if you have one) and scratch it on the lipstick. If the lipstick color changes to black, then the lipstick contains lead.

Go try it. I will try it next time. :P

Monday, November 24, 2008



i've been very bz lately. so many things to do, think, calculate, and etc.

brought my camera and will start taking pics of the 2 doggies.

thanksgiving is coming but no turkey for me...cos i don't eat tur turk turkk turkeyyy!!

monday is so boring and sleepy. every monday is the same.

every friday is like heaven!! :) :) wowowoww

every saturday is a day when my money flows like water.

every sunday is a day where i rest for the whole day doing my things, taking nap or doing things that i like to do. but sunday is also a day where i get bored because after sunday is monday...:(

wanna nap now before my lunch hour ends. enjoy your day!! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008


i am using my lunch time to blog. hahaha so happy :P

i am afraid people will see me logging in to my blog. so dangerous.

some people are busybody, you know especially in the office. better be safe than sorry!

i am so outdated now, no time to read other blogger's blog, no entertainment
for me after work such as tv and drama series. nothinggg... :(

after work, go home, have dinner, take shower, rest and listen to music. that's all i do everyday.
and when it's time to bed it's already 12a.m.. sometimes when i am too tired, i would fall
asleep and sleep at around 8 or 9p.m.. what a life! but i am glad with what i have now. no more complaints!

and i don't know why but lately, in the middle of the nite i would suddenly be awake.
one nite, my eyes opened suddenly but i didn't have the urgency to go toilet. and then
i had hard time getting back to sleep. when i got up the next morning, i was so sleepy although
i have told you that i slept at 8 or 9p.m.. it's about 10 hours sleep but still sleepy? goshhh...

i left my camera at hometown. i wanted to bring to kl last time but my
popo said why do you wanna bring it there? so i listened to her.

but this weekend i am going back and will take the camera wth me.

will take pics of the 2 dogs that are currently staying with me. both are
my friend's doggies. let the pictures do the talking for my coming entry. :P

i bought some so called furniture for my room. you don't need to spend so much money
on a wooden cupboard and you can get alternative. also, you don't have to buy
an electric shower heater (which costs me a bomb) to shower especially water is cold like ice. please come back for more info.

waiting for my payday which is 23rd of every month. wow so happy. i am waiting already
since last week. even my colleague has calculated on what to buy.

can't wait to go back home. ~home sweet home~

take care, guys! :) :) :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have moved to a new house recently. No internet connection yet, that's why no updates from me. :)

I miss readers who read my blog regularly. please wait for me to come back. Bye!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


thanx for coming back for updates. :)

yeahh obama won the presidential election...congratss!!

i have nothing to blog actually that's why i mentioned obama in my entry. no preference over obama or mccain but i am glad obama is the first black President.

i did something very wrong today. i knew it wasn't right to talk on cellphone during work but i did it today when bosses were in their rooms. boss a was talking on the phone and boss b was doing his stuff. i talked for about 5 minutes and hung up. then i saw boss b came out from his room with his bittergourd face. then he went into boss a's room and i heard he said something like, "something under probation and talk on phone." i hope he wasn't talking about me, but god knows it better.

the lesson of the day is never ever talk on cellphone when your boss is around!!

but i still don't feel good about it. when you know there's something you shouldn't do, but you still do it that is called stupid. there is more appropriate words to replace stupid but i just can't think of that word.

i miss everyone in the states. i wish everyone a good nite. zzzZzz

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i'll be right back. :)

please come back for more updates.