Monday, November 17, 2008


i am using my lunch time to blog. hahaha so happy :P

i am afraid people will see me logging in to my blog. so dangerous.

some people are busybody, you know especially in the office. better be safe than sorry!

i am so outdated now, no time to read other blogger's blog, no entertainment
for me after work such as tv and drama series. nothinggg... :(

after work, go home, have dinner, take shower, rest and listen to music. that's all i do everyday.
and when it's time to bed it's already 12a.m.. sometimes when i am too tired, i would fall
asleep and sleep at around 8 or 9p.m.. what a life! but i am glad with what i have now. no more complaints!

and i don't know why but lately, in the middle of the nite i would suddenly be awake.
one nite, my eyes opened suddenly but i didn't have the urgency to go toilet. and then
i had hard time getting back to sleep. when i got up the next morning, i was so sleepy although
i have told you that i slept at 8 or 9p.m.. it's about 10 hours sleep but still sleepy? goshhh...

i left my camera at hometown. i wanted to bring to kl last time but my
popo said why do you wanna bring it there? so i listened to her.

but this weekend i am going back and will take the camera wth me.

will take pics of the 2 dogs that are currently staying with me. both are
my friend's doggies. let the pictures do the talking for my coming entry. :P

i bought some so called furniture for my room. you don't need to spend so much money
on a wooden cupboard and you can get alternative. also, you don't have to buy
an electric shower heater (which costs me a bomb) to shower especially water is cold like ice. please come back for more info.

waiting for my payday which is 23rd of every month. wow so happy. i am waiting already
since last week. even my colleague has calculated on what to buy.

can't wait to go back home. ~home sweet home~

take care, guys! :) :) :)


becky said...

hahaha...dont know y...maybe i always remember you then u came in to my dream..hahahhah..what's up!!! how is ur life in kl ?? whch part of kl do u live ?? hmmmm where is ur nan pengyou ??? hahahaha...

Sue said...

eh becky...
cannot disclose where i live at kl
i am afraid of stalker...haha
i miss u 2..:P