Wednesday, November 5, 2008


thanx for coming back for updates. :)

yeahh obama won the presidential election...congratss!!

i have nothing to blog actually that's why i mentioned obama in my entry. no preference over obama or mccain but i am glad obama is the first black President.

i did something very wrong today. i knew it wasn't right to talk on cellphone during work but i did it today when bosses were in their rooms. boss a was talking on the phone and boss b was doing his stuff. i talked for about 5 minutes and hung up. then i saw boss b came out from his room with his bittergourd face. then he went into boss a's room and i heard he said something like, "something under probation and talk on phone." i hope he wasn't talking about me, but god knows it better.

the lesson of the day is never ever talk on cellphone when your boss is around!!

but i still don't feel good about it. when you know there's something you shouldn't do, but you still do it that is called stupid. there is more appropriate words to replace stupid but i just can't think of that word.

i miss everyone in the states. i wish everyone a good nite. zzzZzz

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