Monday, November 24, 2008



i've been very bz lately. so many things to do, think, calculate, and etc.

brought my camera and will start taking pics of the 2 doggies.

thanksgiving is coming but no turkey for me...cos i don't eat tur turk turkk turkeyyy!!

monday is so boring and sleepy. every monday is the same.

every friday is like heaven!! :) :) wowowoww

every saturday is a day when my money flows like water.

every sunday is a day where i rest for the whole day doing my things, taking nap or doing things that i like to do. but sunday is also a day where i get bored because after sunday is monday...:(

wanna nap now before my lunch hour ends. enjoy your day!! :P

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Lina said...

i hate turkey either! it doent taste right for me! and i everytime when i work at blimpie, i always feel THANKSGIVING is around coz there are dozen of turkey in the cooler, and i have to cut it in half to slide it in pieces..