Saturday, December 20, 2008

Diamond vs Lychee

Diamond is forever...lychee can be smelly sometimes...

I know diamond and lychee are never meant to be linked together but here's an interesting story for all.

One day i accompanied my friend to hunt for perfume...she was looking for those "soft smell perfume" that's what she called it. this friend of mine likes perfume so crazily and we spent few hours looking for what she wants.

we went to every perfume booth, you name it: elizabeth arden, ralph lauren, estee lauder, dkny, giorgio armani and etc. of all the perfume we tried, i found that diamond from GA attracted me most although i don't like perfume that much.

my friend wasn't sure which perfume she likes, so when we stopped at dkny counter, there was this gay man approaching us and was so polite telling us the apple shaped perfume (green color) is the best-selling perfume compared to all other dkny perfumes. i didn't like the smell cos it smells like cockroach and i didn't say anything to my friend.

and then, we discussed which perfume has the best smell and i COMPARED this apple with DIAMOND. you must ask why not lychee? wait wait...listen! this gay was so pissed off because while we were discussing and was about to go, then came a customer and he started to serve the customer.

out of a sudden this gay suddenly talked so loud and we were shocked. he said, "we have lychee (perfume) and this perfume really smells like lychee. it's not DIAMOND and it's really like real lychee." wtf what is wrong with this gay? i talked so softly to my friend that i preferred DIAMOND than APPLE and that's my personal opinion, hello!!!!! he said it in malay and it sound funnier than my translation. he said, "KALAU YOU NAK LYCHEE, NAH AMBIL INI LYCHEE (if you want lychee, go ahead and take this lychee-though we did not ask for lychee!) :P then he showed us the burgundy apple shaped perfume) and we took it and smelt it. we should have just ignore him cos we didn't know he was gonna embarrass us. and he continued by saying, "INI LYCHEE BUKAN DIAMOND (This is lychee and not diamond)

question marks kept popping out from our heads and we had the puzzling looks. why was this gay so sensitive to what we say? don't we, the customers have our freedom of speech? i always thought gays are very friendly. i like their service in serving customers and i don't discriminate them. but gay can be very sensitive just like women.

moral of the story: 1) BUY DIAMOND!

p/s: should have told the gay, "DIAMOND IS FOREVER, AND LYCHEE SMELLS SO BADLY" hahahahahaa...anyway have a great weekend! :) :)


G√ľnter said...

shopping with you and your friends must be very funny
I love such stories

Sue said...