Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lessons for All

If someone asked you to talk like an adult, he is called CHILDISH.

If someone said you are CHILDISH, you are childish.

When he says you are unreasonable, he is CRAZY.

When he talks a lot of bullshits, he is BULLSHITTING, obviously.

If he did something wrong and know it's not right to do it, but he still DID it and said sorry afterwards, he is OUT OF HIS MIND-MENTAL ILLNESS.

When he said sorry and you know he didn't mean it, he is called HYPOCRITE.

TOLERANCE - if he said you never tolerate, and you actually did tolerate, ask him to FUCK OFF.
When you point 1 finger to other people, 3 fingers are pointing back to you.

If you think i am talking about you, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU! This serves you right. Thanks for reading my blog, cos i knew you gonna read MY lovely blog.
To those who don't understand what my entry is all about, it's okay cos this shows that you are NOT the person i am talking about. :)


G√ľnter said...

Why do you know me so good? :)

Sue said...

gunter...i'm not talking bout u! :)