Sunday, December 21, 2008

W for Winter

I don't know what we called it in english but today is a BIG day for the chinese. it's called "winter festival."

it's like Chinese New Year and every family will have a reunion. going to wk's house for this special and big day.

Attending friend's wedding later-the friend whom i accompanied with to buy perfume (diamond vs lychee) hahahahaha. :) still think that it's funny although i hate how he was so rude to ME.

currently using my sis computer to update my blog-only when i visit her. can't spend everyday's lunch time to update cos currently I have lunch appointment daily. hehehhe last time i got to update blog during lunch hour because i bought my lunch and ate it at my desk, not now anymore. :):)

will apply for home internet later maybe early next year. hate to see my blog not updated daily and no pictures. :(:(

i promise the day will come and you'll see my lovely pictures posted daily. happy "dong jit!"


G√ľnter said...

yes I miss your lovely pictures, especially the food pictures, hehehe

Sue said...

i'll be back with more food pics.