Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yellow H20

the water in my house is the most impressive water that i've ever seen. the more you look at it, the more yellowish it becomes. i boil the water before i drink it, i use for shower, i wash my face using it, i flush my toilet, i cook food with it and last but not least i use it when i brush my makes my skin and teeth yellowish. i don't know how it happens, but i wish i'm not gonna see the yellow water again after these few days. A picture speaks a thousand words. enjoy~

note: the color of the water is more yellowish in real life than in pic.

Monday, December 7, 2009


#1 beautiful rainbow

i saw three rainbows yesterday when i was on my way back to kl. they were beautiful and mesmerizing. the pic above is taken from wikipedia and i put it here so that you can view it for your pleasure purpose.

i am so happy when i saw the rainbows. i saw it during my 3 hours journey. i forgot everything that makes me unhappy at least for a period of time. wow what a miracle rainbow! things are like that, when you wanna see it, you won't get to see it but when you don't wanna see it, it just comes to you. this applies to people as well. i couldn't remember when was the last time i see rainbow in my life. anyway, here's the end of a rainbow for your viewing. enjoy!!

#2 the end of a rainboww

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Corby o Corby

i wanted corby so much. i am so excited bout it.. not until i tested the phone and it turned out to be a phone that i dislike. the touch screen is not sensitive enough and you have to touch it really hard when you select the menu. it's not bulky compared to nokia 5230. and the phone vibrates every time you touch the screen. and i only knew it later that you can choose to off the vibration.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


you know how to make changes on the slide, it's just that you needed some time to figure out. and then your boss takes this as the reason saying you are not capable and not familiar with pp. wt the heck. always pick on your small lil things - you tell yourself in heart. you can definitely do it but why he always nag you and tease your capability? he is not that good either.

i never had a male boss before. and a young one. a young boss that will drive you crazy. yb that is workaholic. yb that is...ok i really hate to blog about him. what if i became famous one day and everybody reads my blog. and the world will know whom i'm talking about. i bet he will never read my blog. if he did, then i'd be happy 'cos at least he knows i'm talking bout him.

btw, i had nasi lemak that cost me 3.20 this morning. i was shocked when the makcik said tiga dua. i wanted to say, mahalnya but then i didn't. nl with telur goreng and sotong. i thought it's less than 3. no telur rebus :(. she robbed me during daytime and you have no chance to do it again!!

here's the expensive nasi lemak

Monday, November 9, 2009

Give me a break...

Sue will not update her blog temporarily. Please come back later. TQ

Monday, October 26, 2009

Short note

it's been raining since last week. it's so cooling and it feels like genting here. everyday is a boring day especially weekdays cos weekdays means you have to work. weekends are great if i go back hometown. if i gotta choose, i'd choose not to work and do whatever i want. eat whatever i like, spend money like "water" and sleep all day long like a super pig. who doesn't like that? we all dream to be one. but while we are doing that, it's good to have money coming in...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Much of Wisdom

if you were wondering where and what i've been up to recently... i can tell you that i've been super busy with work. i've been very tired working at the office for the past few weeks. i came home with a sore shoulders and backache and that's the most miserable thing that i wish it won't happen to me. and i had to sleep early although i still sleep at my usual sleeping time.

last week i had my wisdom tooth extracted and i was so glad that it's finally over. my wisdom teeth bothered me for the past few years. i had 2 wisdom teeth extracted at the states and it cost me usd600 plus xray. during that time i paid with cc because i don't have dental insurance. the doc was professional and even advised me to remove 4 of my teeth. i did not want to so i ended up having 2 taken out at my left side of my mouth.

when i was in nyc, i visited chinese dentist and he really sucked. he offered me advice that normal homo sapiens will not follow. he gave me examples how one tooth will not push the neighbor teeth to a side. but i told him my teeth structured changed because of the "teeth pushing" and the wisdom teeth have no space to survive.

ok back to my surgery of my last wisdom tooth. it wasn't painful at all during the surgery. surprise! i don't know how the dentist pulled out my tooth, but all i knew was i heard loud noise, you know "gerudi" noise that could make you a deaf person. the dentist was so nice that she offered me a goggle bcos of the lights that were "attacking" my eyes. this was the 2nd time i went to GH for surgery. my 1st time was quite ok...the swell did not last for many days. but this time the swell last longer cos i had durians on the day after i had my surgery.. hahahaa and i had durians the next day, the day after and total of 4 days of durians. i really deserved the pain cos i can't control the "durian temptation." the pain only occurred after the anesthesia was gone.

today i have this "yellow patch" at my swollen face. i don't understand why yellow, maybe becos of the durian color that's yellowish. and this yellowish patch is the proof that i ate too much of durians and durians are heaty and poisoning (chinese beliefs). now that all my wisdom teeth were taken out, i bet my wisdom is no longer with me. i want to be a wise man. :P i hope you enjoy the photos!! :P

#1: a love-shaped/butt-shaped durian

#2: a medium-sized durian with 15-20 pcs/durian, believe it or not!

#3: my wisdom teeth. 3 are in good condition, the other 1 is cut into pieces.

p/s: mooncake fest entry with lotsa pics is next if i'm not too lazy to blog. :P

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad Worse Worst

i really hate it when i lost something. i lost my hippo coin purse b4 with rm10 in it at the restroom at my office. i only realized losing it after i went back home. i really missed the purse. i wish i could get it back even without the money in it.

last week i lost my lrt card. i bought a rm20 card and just used 4.80. the remaining balance is gone cos i don't know whether i misplaced it or dropped it somewhere else. but i am very sure i dropped it on the way to office cos the only place i will ever put my card is either in my pocket or in my bag. and i didn't find my card in both places. :(:(

everything wasn't smooth for me since last week. anything you could think of - work, sleep, constipation (opss), financial, and personal problem. ohh and i just hurt my toe when i was at jj busy examining the foldable storage stool (it's a stool where u can store your stuffs) to me it's more like a storage than a stool. i'm now using it to put my laptop. i didn't realize the package was unbuttoned and when i hold it, the stool fell on my left's so freaking painful. after a few minutes only i realized my toe was bleeding...poor lil' toe~.

last friday i noticed my left leg was swollen and i applied some ointment on it. the swell became big after applying ointment and it's normal cos it takes time to reduce the swell hmmm about a week maybe. i didn't know how i got the swollen thing, but it's really annoying to get one. now you see how unlucky i was. i wan to have everything goes smoothly from this second!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flaw Attack

i hate it when people use my flaw to "attack" me. it's not because the beauty product really helps to enlighten freckles but the promoter just want me to buy their products.

i was asking this promoter the usage of the product and she told me it can bla bla bla and in the end of her statement she added, "it can be used for freckles too." it's very obvious she's making that statement because she saw my freckles and wanted me to buy (no way!). my freckles that i have might help her to get sales. this made me unhappy of cos. you don't need to remind me of my flaw and i don't hate my freckles, it's just that i hope my freckles are not obvious with my fair skin.

goshhh... i had encountered this so called "flaw attack" twice in a week! this week was really an unlucky week for me, i felt so emo and mentally very exhausted.

the next time you encounter such incident (it might not be freckles) remember not to buy anything from them. just buzz off like i did :) :)

p/s: too much complaint recently, i hope it's gonna over by end of this week and will start a fresh day tomolo. good nite.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stab, stab her to death!!

today was my unlucky day.

i worked hard at office but i didn't put emotion in it. i was like a robot you know, robot is nothing but a machine and they cannot think and you think they are smart enough to receive your order? think again.

i was a robot today because i was back stabbed by someone whom i do not hate/love.

this person A forwarded my email (that i replied to A) to my boss. my boss and this person has a good relationship. i did not hate my boss but i hate A 'cos why the hell A wanna cucuk my back?? my colleague said she had nothing better to do. she did not like the way i replied the email i presume (but i replied professionally) thus A did something which i knew she might have done it and she really did! sigh~~ i have 6th sense mind you. i am not a god nor a ghost but i know when something doesn't go right.

forget about this fucking person. i wanna zzz now. good nite~

Friday, September 11, 2009


there's one song i really cannot tahan. the song is called diamonds by kraft. the melody is really...i don't know man. the guy's voice is so "gay" to me. and he keeps yelling....the lyrics (i can't rem the lyrics) ok every time i hear the song, i will either turn off my radio or mute the volume. pity my innocent ears ok!

this afternoon is the happiest moment in my life. we always have our happiest moment in life right? i was in midvalley today to pay my digi bill but the system was down. i couldn't pay by using credit card. only cash is accepted and i don't have much cash with me, so i just forget about paying my bill. i bet it's not system down, it must be: they rather accept cash than cc, i think cos i had this experience before (system down at other location).

so i walked out from the store and i suddenly saw a restaurant that attracted me so's it's....POPEYES!!!! yes my beloved popeyes!! it's not popeye the sailorman mind you! it's popeyes the fried chicken!! popeyes originated from Louisiana and it's actually a fast food restaurant just like kfc FYI. kfc in the states really not as tasty as popeyes although popeyes chickens seem to be more oily. the cajun fries is really deliiiiicious. click POPEYES (from my previous entry) for pics.

now i don't need to dream of having the chickens anymore since i'm back home already. i can have my popeyes anytime whenever i crave for the fried chicken. just head to midvalley to satisfy my hunger/craving.....hahahahahaha yummy yummy~~ i had asam laksa this afternoon for lunch. i was so full but i can't stop myself from buying the 2-pc fried chicken + cajun fries.....just to try out the difference between the states and the one that's selling here. the taste is about the same i can say, but stil, the states one is still the best cos it originated there.

p/s: btw, today is 911, let's not forget this date that claimed lives of so many innocents and heroes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Did You Know?

i found this interesting video in a hollywood gossip site. hope you like this~

i can't imagine what is gonna happen to our future due to our super high technology....after watching this scaryyy

p/s: my entry is getting less interesting...i know that but i just can't help it 'cos my life is really bored. enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


hihi i'm still alive if you are wondering why the hell i didn't update my blog.

it's been a long week for me cos i went to outstation for work. just back today and i'm so damn tired.

hari raya is around the corner and tempus fugit.

i got a joke to share. the joker is my friend's boss. the joke is not destined to be a joke actually but it just happened to be one.

5 of us were listening to the radio in brandon's car.

helen: brandon, what station is this?

before brandon replies, the boss said: it's 105.70 fm (and pointed to the digits)

me: (huh??!! i laughed so loud....wuahahahahahhaaha and helen was looking at me and everyone in the car joined the laughter...)

ok actually we saw the 105.70 fm on the radio but we wanted to know the station's name e.g. he just didn't get us. anyway, if you speak in chinese the way we said it will be different from engl. that's why i know it ain't funny at all...:(

i failed miserably in telling jokes. will brush up my skill.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Self Talk

ok self talk therapy helps you in achieving your goals. at least it reminds you of who you are. practice it daily and repeat it many times =)

i like myself.

i love myself and my family more than anything.

i am energetic. i am hardworking. i am consistent.

i am confident. i have high self-esteem.

i am in perfect health. i am happy.

p/s: you don't need to follow my self talk. you can use your own self talk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

EQ, Stress, Positive???

being positive. how many of us is able to think and stay positive everyday???

i've just attended 2 days training and it's about EQ & Total Wellness by Rachel Khor. these 2 days, she taught us how to control our EQ. we all know that EQ is more important than IQ and we all need to be in control. EQ basically means energy in motion. here's some notes to share with you if you'd like to know more bout EQ. Rachel talked alot about stress, she replaced stress word with ST cos she doesn't want to use negative words.

the best way to reduce/clear stress is to exercise. buy yourself favorite choc/ice-cream. when we stress, we tend to think negatively. you can listen to Baroque (18th century classical music) such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. listen to natural music such as waves/water. never listen to Baroque when you are driving cos it make you sleep. always have someone to talk to when you are stress. take a deep breath, hold it and exhale......

-associate to all positive experience
-disassociate from all negative experience

#the more you give away abundance will flow in - this is so true. take example the mask that i got from clinic, i gave it to my colleague and in return i got free masks from others.

#always silently say...
i love you. i am sorry. please forgive me. tq (when you think you are in deep shit, e.g. you might scared that your boss might scold you because you did something wrong or etc., say this mantra in your heart before you encounter your boss. try and see if it works. remember to use this when you try to solve any issue with another person.

#when you change your beliefs/values/emotions, you change your thoughts and expectation.

#left brain (LB) and right brain (RB)

LB is 10% of our personality/behavior. it is also called CM (conscious mind) CM is our IQ.
LB - analysis, facts, language, linear thinking, logic, maths, sequencing, think in words, verbal, words of song. CM is smart but no power, it's logical, willpower and a short term memory.
Activate your LB - BETA brain frequency (ALERT, AWAKE, ATTENTIVE) LB is associated with words & figure, logic and language.

RB is 90% of our character. it is also called SM (subconscious mind). SM is our EQ.
RB - creative arts, creative daydreaming, feelings/emotion, holistic approach, imagination, intuition, nonverbal, rhythm, think in pictures, tune of songs. SM drives us and is not smart but powerful. it runs our body and it acts like engine/little voice. SM is habits, long term memory, beliefs + values = attitude (emotional system).
Activate your RB - Alpha Brain Frequency (PEACEFUL, CALM, RELAX) RB is associated with colors, music, pictures and emotions.

##when you repeat something 30x, it becomes a habit. ##

when you are in anger, excuse yourself from the person who makes you angry. walk away from the source of anger. one important thing i learned from this training is that; the person who makes you angry doesn't deserve your attention. therefore, when you are angry, you just ignore them. once you get angry, the person is controlling you. and the person who makes you angry will sure be laughing their ass off if they knew you are angry. so never get angry with people who is unimportant to you! they don't deserve your time and energy at all, ok??

put yourself in other people's shoes. i won't do this if i hate the person. come on don't waste your time.

#positive and negative cannot exist together, so BE POSITIVE!

#always remember to be RELAX.

i hope you enjoy this, if you feel bored, i sincerely say this to you --> I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. TQ :)

-credits to Rachel Khor.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A H1N1

it's been a week again for not updating my blog and i really hate it.

thanks to those who care to read my blog...and who patiently waiting for my updates. tq~

i've been sick for a week and i'm now on my road to recovery but i still have lil' cough and i ate 2-pc of small fried chicken today. pls don't eat chicken if you have cough. you will cough to death believe me!! try it if you don't~~~ keekee

i was and am glad that i'm not infected by a h1n1! go away you contagious flu!!!!

everyone is wearing a mask be it at lrt or office. i haven't wear even once. i got so many with me now...hahahaha keeping it for collection or when i need it. if you need one let me know...i am happy to give only one for those who dare to ask.

wearing mask is now like a trend. everyone is so happy to cover their face, nose and breathe on their own breath rather than breathing the contaminated air. yuckkk...ok..i actually use handkerchief to cover my nose though it's a bit tiring to hold the handkerchief like that.

take care of yourself~ i hope this h1n1 will end soon. enough of daily death report in the newspaper. bye~

Monday, August 10, 2009


the haze is getting terible. t-e-r-i-b-l-e - read it in espanol not english~

i can smell it in my room. yuckkk omfg~~ it's like as if those indonesians are burning their forest at the back of my house~~

one mask costs rm1 but i don't wanna pay that money. it's not easy to get it at my office clinic either, cos you need to have flu symptoms and MUST see the doc otherwise you can't get the mask!! i finally got flu symptom and saw the doc and i got the mask!!! yeahhhh...

but i was too generous and i finally gave it to my colleague who's going for a roadshow tomolo. i didn't mean to show you how generous i am, but haih~~ i gave it to her thinking that she needs it more than i do. ok i don't need to explain to you what i am thinking if you know me well) in a nutshell, don't be so generous! (sc gonna kill me if she read this :P)

this is a very random entry. when i was lrt there's this girl who laughed like no other's business. she was standing face to face with her bf and all of a sudden she was making this so called "making love sound" and i was like....huhhhh! 1st laugh was ok, but when the 2nd and 3rd laugh approaching my right ear i started to turned my head to her direction and gave her a stare. she acted like nothing ok fine. and then when i acchhhhhhooooooooo---- (sneezing...obviously) she quickly turned her back to me...ahahahahahahahah how funny and interesting. i didn't get hurt by her body language cos my sneeze came at the right time which is to shut her making love sound from hurting my ears. yes!!! and then she used her tudung to cover her nose...and i left her in dismay. serves her right~ (i'm so evil hahahahaha)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miserable Day II

let's continue with the protest. i don't wanna divide the story into 2 parts actually, not that i wanna give you suspense but i'm so lazy to write... thanks to the lazy veins that's living in my body.

we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and...we saw the so called FRU (red police truck) heading from our back. they were trying to disperse the crowds, i don't know whether the FRU are using water cannon or teargas so i assumed it's teargas or water cannon aiya whatever man...i had no time to think at all.

the crowds were shouting wooooo~~~~~~~~~and the more they wooooo~~~~~ the more frightened i was. we actually stopped at an indian shop asking if we can get in to hide. they said no. ok fine! luckily we didn't go in if not what would have happened to us? (my sis told me that) they were 3 of them. they didn't close the shop and i think they didn't know what's happening from their facial expression.

it was so jam when we crossed the road. we ran like refugees believe it or not! i have never experienced this in my life~ imagine if you were at countries like bosnia, somalia and etc. which wars are part of their life. they can't escape wars and live in fears throughout the years....i don't want that!! ok it's hard to cross the road cos it's jam and the cars were slow because they were so busybody looking at the dispersed crowd, some cars let us cross because they knew what's happening.

so finally i reached plaza rakyat station. luckily the station was not closed. we have walked 2 stations and it was not far actually because we have no time to think of the distance...

end of story~

the haze is getting worse. almost everyone is wearing a mask. most people are sick and cough like crazy. enjoy your weekend~

Monday, August 3, 2009

Miserable Day

click here for more detailed news

it's not a hot news anymore. i should have published this entry on sat nite or sunday morning but i did not. i was super tired for the whole saturday because i was shopping at sogo (yeah sogo, oh damn it) with my younger sis. and it's so unfortunate that the protests happened near sogo and at sogo. if i knew the protest would have held there, i swear to god i won't go there.

the bandaraya station was closed. everyone was waiting and gathering at the lrt area. everyone was standing and looking around for some interesting thing to happen. i was happily shopping for shoes and the announcer announced many times that we could not get out of the building for safety reason. and when they (the sogo) let us out, we could only used the exit at the supermarket dept. oh i was so scared cos i've never seen/experienced this kind of thing b4. i was trapped in the building for few hours and was late for my elder's sis new restaurant opening.

when we were at outside of sogo standing at another exit, suddenly a group of people was running from our opposite direction. my sis and i were so frightened, so i shouted to her, "come let's get back into the mall" so we ran into the mall. ok to make the story short, we were unable to take the lrt at bandaraya so we walked to masjid jamek stat. from there the station was closed and alot of people gathered there. we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and....

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Straight to the point please...

i couldn't concentrate in writing my minutes.

i kept playing the tape recorder and the person who was talking in the recorder was telling a story.

chairman asked, "why did the branch didn't do well?"

Mr. X replied, " You see, A has 2 daughters, one of his daughters is a lawyer and the story goes on..."

Ok i wasn't able to summarize and understand what X was saying. why can't he go straight to the point? haih...please make my world easier.

So i just skip that part.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

La la la

i just came back from home sweet home...

i had eaten mangosteen so frequently that i had trouble urinating...

home is where i wanna be...home is heaven!!

tgif tomorrow is friday 'cos i've been lazy bosses were not around today and will not be in tomorrow so i'll be my own boss. keke how nice!

you won't like my post today cos it's super boring. going to bed now. byebye~

Saturday, July 18, 2009


i really like neutrogena brand especially the make up remover...

however, the sunscreen that i've had been using for the past few months really pissed me off.

not only i wasted my money buying the product, i even bought 1 extra to keep in my room.

my sis also did the same thing. only then i realized the sunscreen makes me itchy for 2 weeks when i applied it on both my hands. rashes appeared on my hands. my face is ok, no itchiness occurred, but my sis had acne-like spots on her face. i don't have sensitive skin so what went wrong?

on the tube it warns us:

warning: discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. (whatt??)

so does that mean, the manufacturer can simply leave behind his responsibility if they put the warning sign on the tube? can i get my money back??? yes or no?? in your dream!

the good thing about trying new products is that we may have more choices and know which product is good for our skin, and which suits us best....

but the only bad thing is that we won't know if it harms us or suits our skin, what if we woke up one day in the morning and find rashes all over our face? how far can you take the risk?

my best advice: stick to the brand/product that you like which suits you best. i think i'd better use the sunscreen that i have previously used although it's expensive.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i've been away for a week and here i am now.

went to penang for work trip and back to hometown to remove my wisdom tooth...

only people who have wisdom teeth have W-I-S-D-O-M and i have 4 of them. HAHAHA

so lazy to get back to work tomorrow and i've been sleeping and eating for the whole week. life's great! LG!!

i had difficulty eating but i still ate alot of mangosteen, durian, and etc...yummy yummy..

gtg now. bye

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middle Finger

sue: hi doc!

doc: hello!

sue: i hurt my finger and it's swollen.

doc: ok do you wanna take any drug?

sue: yes i'd like to take anti-inflammatory & swelling tablets. tq doc!

when i was about to leave, the doc called my name.

doc: so which hand and finger did you hurt?

sue: (i showed him my right hand and middle finger)

hahahahahaha ok this is not a joke! this is real. i hurt my middle finger and pointed it to him when he asked me that question. i hope you are laughing at my joke now. pls tell me it's funny...pleaaaseeeeeeee~~

Saturday, July 4, 2009


It's 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day to all Americans~~

Ok it's a super hot day today. i've been very busy with work. one person does 2 persons work these few weeks. i'm going nuts, sawan and crazy, whatever name you wanna called it.

i even brought back my work cos i can't really finish it. can i tell my boss that i have no time to do it? no, you and me can't do that. you can only hope that your boss/es could understand that. so if they understand us, shouldn't they hire more staffs or at least one more staff? yeah in your dream!! and they will only keep asking you for updates and report and etc bla bla bla.....!! with this bad economy, if they don't retrench us it is a good news already but... but this will make me work like a dog. and back to my work!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i'd like to share this pic with you on this lovely cake. the color combination is so beautiful that one would not believe it's actually a cake!!

wanted to post this yesterday but i left the cake in the office. :P

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Love

it hurts so much to love someone.

have you ever write a message to your long lost friend congratulating her for her wedding and wishing her happiness and at the same time your heart is broken? broken because you feel so hurt by something and someone and not because your married friend has snatched your bf, pls get it right! yes or no?

i hope you never try that. it hurts so much - no words can ever describe that feeling especially when i'm writing the lovely happy message and at the same time thinking of how someone hurts me. and even if you are a good writer, you can't describe the hurt feeling with beautiful language. or maybe because i am not a writer, i can't describe the feeling. i wish to become a writer but i am just an ordinary blogger who blogs whatever i wanted to blog. i write my own journal and loves to jot down my happy and unhappy feelings and thoughts on my beloved journal.

congrats to fiona and i wish her all the best!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


the dog is crossing the street. he crosses half of it and he suddenly changes his mind and runs back to where he comes from. if he doesn't change his mind and continues crossing the street, he won't hurt himself and becomes a crippled dog.

our car has already stopped waiting for the red light to turn green, waiting for the dog to cross and reach the safe destination. but the moment he changes his mind, the car from our opposite direction knocks him down. no, we couldn't hear the screeching sound of the tires but only the dog's helpless cry. poor doggie~

the front tire steps on his leg then followed by the back tire. it hurts so much that he could no longer endure and to the bushes he runs...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all fathers a Happy Father's day tomorrow...

go spend time with your dad and bring him out for dinner.

let him know how much you care and love him.

p/s: my wisdom teeth are killing me...:(:(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Hate...

i hate people who took my stuff without asking my permission...

i hate people who does not respect themselves...

i hate people who are unhygienic...

finally i hate people who took unwanted things in the trash.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Super Funny Video

this is to brighten your moody monday! hahahahahaa laugh it out loud!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boring Life

life is bored life is bored....bla bla bla....

it's been a week i didn't blog. life is about the same - work from monday to friday, stay at home on sat and sun sometimes go to shop grocery and that's it.

i love reading but i am too lazy and stingy to buy books to read, except flipping thru the newspaper.

will post some pics for your entertainment. and it's time to change the slide, i know i know...

btw, happy birthday to haopo!! miss you so much.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So Fortunate

what is so fortunate? 2 burglars broke into my house yesterday and i wasn't at home. i reached home at 5.30 p.m. and saw all my housemates were at home and looked so serious. i asked one of them and he (A) told me burglars broke into our house. i was surprised and frightened...

but my room was all ok. they (the burglars) didn't break into my room. thank god...3 rooms upstairs were messy and things were all over the place. room no. 2's door was a sturdy door but they managed to break in. A lost a laptop, camera and cash. A said the burglars were stupid because they ran away with just the laptop but didn't take the adapter with him. the battery was kept in a briefcase but they didn't take it. room 3 was partly messy because they only took some foreign currency and didn't search the whole room. room 1, lost cash and 3 spare keys. the burglars were so clever cos they took away the 3 spare keys and used the main door and flee away.

how they got in:

the 2 guys (age between 20 -30) broke into our house by using back door at the kitchen which was near my room. the door was old and rusty. i thought a while why didn't they steal my things in my room? i was lucky my laptop was not stolen otherwise i'd be a cry baby. my housemates said maybe because they didn't have enough time if not they would have stolen it. i was so fortunate...

we made police report. our neighbor (auntie) opposite us saw 2 guys coming out from our main door at around 11 a.m. taking bags and walked to their cars which they parked quite far from my house. the auntie sensed something wrong because she never seen the guys before but she didn't take action. what a good neighbor! she thought the 2 guys were our friends and bla bla bla. the burglars must have known that our house is empty cos everyone is at work in the morning.

lesson of the story:

don't keep so much money at home.

god bless everyone...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hi everyone i am back!!

as usual, i'm bz with stuffs and have no time to update my blog. too tired...zzZZzz


Friday, May 22, 2009


finally i went to see doc at panel clinic. i did the ecg test and it was miserable. i didn't know that i need to be naked. ok just need to be topless. if i knew earlier that i would have to remove my bra, i must have rejected to do the test. the nurse asked me to remove my shirt and bra and i was like, wt?? she said, "i'm nurse and you are patient, don't worry." so, reluctantly i removed them. :(.

i felt embarrassed because i didn't want anyone to see my breasts except my own hubby. but she saw it. i wanted to run but i didn't cos i needed to know what was wrong with me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Beb beb beb

i am back again...

i am glad my no. 1 loyal reader gunter complained that i didn't spent time blogging. serves me right huh? tq for your comments!

i have no idea on what to blog. life sucks recently and i had no idea at all what i should write. i took 2 days off last week and i enjoyed myself very much going back home and spent my precious time with my family. nothing feels good than spending your time with loved ones.

i am not feeling well these few days. my heart beats so fast and loud. i can even hear it beating like someone who is playing drum in my heart. i am afraid of seeing doc at panel clinic. i don't wanna listen to something i dislike. my friend said i might have heart attack (touch wood). yeah right. i don't wanna die so early. i wanna travel and eat delicious food. i wanna do whatever i want with no restriction (if i could). in a nutshell, i wanna be happy now and ever. it's just that simple. i am afraid my heart beats so fast mainly because wk made me so damn angry. and i almost lost control. i am scared that i might get insane. i hate to be one.

oh yea btw, juanita won the dream girl competition. i'm not surprised at all but i wanted pinky or dawn to win the title. i had sixth sense that dawn was not going to win it. juanita has the look and talent ok she actually deserves the title. congrats to you juanita!!

i'll see you next round. bye!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

here i am...

hi hi! i have been so lazy and busy doing my own things and had no time to update my blog.

will be right back!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labor Day


back to hometown now... enjoy great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Awesome Questionnaire

the questionnaire above is really something. i won't tell you my answer cos i had two answers with me. the 1st question is, "had feeling for someone, but don't have the courage to express your love to him/her" - yes/no. if you ask me this question 5 years back, my answer would be a yes. but if you ask me now, the answer is no. ok don't be confusing but i hope you enjoy this awesome questionnaire.

the 7th answer is damn funny hahahahaha

between me and haopo:

haopo: i am a monkey. so what am i?
me: (i thought for so long why she told me she's a monkey and finally i burst into laughter) then you are a monkey....hehehehe

ok it's not funny at all it seems...enjoy! tell me what's your answer! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Pictures

birthday wish list: (genie, pls grant me 3 wishes...)

1. marry a rich man so that i don't need to work
2. travel around the world with loved ones
3. win a jackpot
4. daily body massage and facial treatment
5. sleep 48 hours a day (waittt there's no 48 hrs a day...ok make it 24 hours a day)
6. eat whatever i want and don't need to pay for it
7. buy anything i want without comparing prices

in case you forgot, my birthday had passed. above is my wish list. if god can grant me wish list no. 3, i'd be the happiest person in this world and it will make my wish list from no. 1 - 7 come true.

i promised to upload my bday pics, and here you are. it's a simple bday party with the monkeys. simple but meaningful! :)

sweet bday cake...

i requested chris to kiss me on my cheek


me cutting the bday cake...

crystal doing the kissing..muaxxx

funny couple...eheheh

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



hi everyone! my name is yumiko. i am a fake japanese who doesn't know how to speak japanese. 1st time wearing kimono and i love it! please don't be frightened by my japanese look especially after the great make up. i really like the make up at my eyes except the lips. my eyes looked so big after the made-up and i like it. please take a good look at my pics...and i hope to have lotsa comments on my pics, be it positive or negative...but if you don't have any, just tell me: wow you look great in that make up or you look so different or you look so beautiful...(thanks for making my day!) :)

without dilly dally, go ahead & enjoy these lovely photos...

Peace~~ I'm not that kind of a person who "peace" when taking pics. anyway, world peace!

i like this pic. the faux hair looks like a coconut shell rite? when my scalp is so itchy, the only way to cure it is to use the sharp part of the comb and cucuk the head. hehee.. (the make up artists taught us this)

me and lee2...her faux hair is the wavy fringe

wuahahahahhaah laugh all you want!! i can't stop laughing when i see this pic. i was forcing myself not to smile but i ended up smiling. ~forceful smile~ i really dislike the purple lips; the make up artist dabbed foundation on my lower lip that's why you see the white color on my lip. and then she drew a purple line as the lip liner. goshhh i hate it so much...also when she drew the shape of my upper lip it looked so hmmm how to say...not my original lips' shape (aarghh) pls tell me the purple lips suck!! :(:( i hate purple so muchhhhhh

from left: me, linda and olivia. peace again~

pretty lee2. she's sexy with her cheongsam.

vvip's table decoration. so nice and cute~

the grand ballroom

yummy dessert. the strawberry cake and agar-agar (jello) were delicious!!

after the event before removing my make up. the lip color looked so much better than the previous one. the purple lips have changed to pinkish lips. i had eaten all the white foundation on my lips and i'm still alive now (so magical). see the red dots?? i was thinking i had enough of brown freckles therefore i dun want RED freckles...heheh

3 of us again..getting ready to remove our make up. i borrowed linda's remover (produit de france) and it's so refreshing. i forgot to bring my cleanser, toner and make up remover. so forgetful! purposely went to watsons and bought a cleanser.

6 cotton pads and a cotton bud to remove the stubborn make up. the hardest part was the eye liner...aduii so hard to remove till i wanna cry....i usually use only 1 cotton pad but now 6...

my faux hair and kimono. i quickly removed my hair, really couldn't stand it. so annoying and itchy...

me and azlina, our leader for kimono group.

mr. bra looks so apek here...

kim with her elegant look. during registration, i need to stand at the registration counter to put sash and to pin badges for awardees. photographers took alot of our pics. people who passed by also came to us and never want to miss the chances to take pics with us. even when i went to restroom, people kept coming to me and other usherettes for pics. hehe i felt like a model for that nite, hmmm maybe a celebrity. people kept staring at us and i felt so weird. normally, when someone stares at me for so long, i'll keep staring back at them - "what you staring at? have you never seen a beautiful woman?" hahahahaahaha so this nite they gotta stare as long as they want....uhahahaah

i hope you enjoy this post! :):):)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tired Sue

hi everyone!

i hope you enjoy the ken leee! ~~ken leee, tulibu dibu douchooo.....~~~hahahahahaa

i am back from genting and it's so damn tired and painful on my thighs because of all day standing for my company's event. 1st time wearing kimono and i really loved the costume except that "pillow" wrapping at my back. i need to stand straight otherwise i'd look unpretty. i think i stood straight but not all the time as i was carrying the "pillow" if you don't understand what pillow i'm talking bout, pics will tell you everything. i haven't sort out the pics and i promise i will post it in these few days. please wait...

it was a great experience for me and i had fun on that nite. i am still very lifeless and was very unhappy on certain thing. why do old teenagers like me get unhappy so easily? why why tell me why? the more we grow, the unhappy we get. am i right? anyway i don't wanna share with u my unhappy stuff cos it's contagious. just like when you laugh, people will follow you laugh and when people yawn, i follow them yawn, so weird...

i will upload many of my japanese look pics, errr maybe i don't look that japanese after the heavy make up, but seriously i don't like the make up artist put the lipstick for me and the other usherettes. it's'll see it yourself on next post, :) otherwise everything is fine except that super duper heavy make up. you'll need to use sand paper to take off the make up...cotton pad is not good enough (hey it's a joke if you don't get me :P)

that's all for today's update. see you!! happy waiting...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ken Leee?

ken leee.........tulibu dibu douchooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha if you are thinking why i'm lmao, take a good look at this Bulgarian Music Idol video... omg this video really freaked me out. my colleague opened this video for me to watch at the office, so lucky my bosses walked away and i laughed so loud that all my wrinkles slowly crawled out from my face.... wuahhahahaahahahaa

when i repeatedly watching this video at home, i didn't laugh as loud as the 1st time. why?? i just don't know why...haih no fun...

i hope you enjoy this ken leee and watch it every time you are stress with work! come on, take a break life is short!

p/s: i have been so lazy blogging recently, but i will share interesting videos or anything that i find interesting for my readers. enjoy!

Friday, April 10, 2009


hi hi hi!

it's been almost a week i didn't blog, but i did check on my blog everyday to check total visitors for my site. so syok sendiri (ss) :)

i'm going back home tomorrow early am yeahhh!!! so happy cos i din't go back home for like 1 and a half month. i miss home so much...heehehe

it's time to change my beautiful slide maybe next week. i am thinking either to put my bday pics as a slide or as an entry. wt u think? (answering to myself) --> will see how...

will be going to genting next week for company's big event, working as an usherette wearing kimono...omg..i can't imagine myself wearing that (must look short) and with those heavy make up that i'm gonna hate....wt a nightmare!! will curi-curi remove some of the make up for sure cos i don't wanna look like a baboon's ass. (shhhhhh!!!!)

so excited now (home sweet home, here i come~~)...errmmm i think that's it for this week. bai bai~

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here's my personal review and comments on the Malaysian DreamGirl (MDG) season 2. i realized that most of them are in short hair after the great make over except Denezia and Ming. They all look good in short hair, in fact they look younger than their real age.


my first impression on her: girl-next-door
Denezia is young, bubbly, natural and basically being herself. she expresses herself thru body language when she speaks. some viewers might or might not like her because of her over-do-it facial expression. she's my favorite among the girls. keep it up and be yourself! (you are cute with your baby fat, no worries!)


first impression: Who is she? (thinking hard to recall her name)
Dawn is tall and skinny, but i barely remember her face. i did not really remember her appearance after watching so many episodes of mdg2.


first impression: a girl with dark skin and a mole on her upper lip.
Shasya looks tanned, she looks great when she smiles, however when she doesn't, she looks so scary like someone who had hated you for centuries. she looks abit muscular and looks so much better when she smiles. in this pic, she'd look nicer with her left leg on the sofa and not hanging like that.


first impression: she has those big eyes like goldfish and her mouth is so wide.
Natasha is one of my least favorites. i remember her long blonde hair when she joined the audition. after make over, she looks so much better and at least, pleasing to eyes. what i don't like about her is that she acts like a detective. she asked all the other 6 girls on who talked about "she could be paying the private hospital" we saw that when she fights with ming; she kept complaining and raising her voice. she was so rude and said, "bullshit, shit and etc." we need to move on, natasha. you don't need to argue and fight who's right and wrong and who talks this and that. be more mature. (it's unfair for me to write a long comment on her, therefore i shall make my summary). In a nutshell, Natasha is rude and i don't like her. she talks alot and she might be the earliest to be kicked out (or maybe not).


first impression: plain looking face with braces. omg how could she be in final 12?
Ming has the plain looking face and she is also one of my least favorites aside to natasha. not bcos she had her braces on but she looks so ordinary. i may not remember her if i spotted her in mall.


first impression: angelina jolie's lips
Juanita is articulate, outspoken and know what she's doing and what she wants. she looks attractive but i really don't like her plumpy lips. when she doesn't smile, her lips are so plumpy. i always noticed her lips before her face. seems like the girls don't like her because she is hypocrite and talks different things to different girls in the house. the girls wanted her out from the dream house asap. i wonder if she could make it to the final. in this pic, she doesn't look like she is waiting for someone but more or less like seducing someone.
J: Cutie boy, would you mind buying me a drink? *grin*


first impression: cute looking girl but nothing special on her look
Pinky looks like one of the tvb dramas' actress. she cannot articulate her words well, it's very funny when she speaks english. she looks amazing on this picture. i noticed that her face always change and i couldn't recognize her when she had a heavy make up on in the pavillion pic. one thing funny on her bf is that the bf sounds so lifeless when talking on the phone. the bf encouraged her to stay strong but he sounded like a dead chicken (from his voice). it made me think, "wow that's her bf? his voice doesn't sound encouraging, more like discouraging her. hey did you not eat rice? or have you no energy to talk? :P

2 girls are leaving the competition next week, and i wonder who would that be? i hope denezia, shasya and pinky stay longer. juanita and natasha, hope you'll stay for another few more episodes so that we have more dramas. =)

watch the girls here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Friday

it's a black friday for me. super low mood, low battery and low energy. don't ask why cos i won't tell. enjoy your lovely weekend.

:( for me
:) for you

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool Me

I guess everyone knows that today is april fool's day. I know i can't fool you but here's something to share with you. Use it if you think it's useful to fool people like me.

My sis sent me a short message:

Hey, if you hate me then tell me la. Dun need to bitch behind my back right?

my response was like: huh? why did she say that? i was so angry and was stunned for a while. and then i replied her:-

bitch wt? i dun un.

her reply: scroll down, haha
before i let you read the other half of the msg, i sent the same msg to 10 of my friends. their shocking replies are:

1. Huh? where got? why u said that?
this friend called me few times and asked me wt happened, and i told him to read the msg properly. he still didn't un and finally he got the answer (i hope) cos he said he knew my prank joke, but didn't mention april fool. i dared not mention, thinking he might fool me back and utter april fool to me.

2. :( - a cute animation icon telling me that she was fooled. haha..

3. R u sending a wrong message to wrong person? (common answer)

4. Where you heard it fr? i nvr say any of wat u mentioned. wat makes you feel so? (she's so worried about the sms)

scroll down, haha:

cold sweat? lol. its april fool. njoy :P

p/s: most people never read sms properly, just believe on what they see. i didn't notice the msg was a long msg bcos after reading the sentences, i just stopped. there's more at the bottom of msg. we need to be more attention to detail on whatever we do. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Be Beautiful, Be Smart & Be You!

Why i love to buy make up and skincare products so much at the states? Here's why...(Please no jaw dropping, ok?)

in us, you need to purchase a minimum of usd27.50 for estee lauder (el) brand cosmetics in order for you to get a 2-pc free bags (1 big & 1 small bag) or sometimes just a tote bag (it varies) plus 7-pc of skincare/make up items such as sample size mascara, eyeshadow, moisturizer, make up remover, blusher, cleanser and a full size lipstick.


Why i hate to buy makeup and skincare products in malaysia? Take a look...(Please hold your jaw as i'm not responsible with jaw dropping, literally)

here, you need to purchase at least rm320 or more to receive a 6-pc gift with any el purchase.

current conversion rate: 1 usd = rm3.60 (as of today)
let's make a simple calculation even a kid can do this:
--> $27.50 x 3.6 = rm99; --> rm320/3.6 = $89

this indicates that if you buy el in msia, you need to pay $89 for any purchase to get the free gifts, while in the states, you only pay rm99 compared to rm320 to get the free gifts. so, are you willing to pay more than 3x of money to get those stuffs? it's not worth buying branded cosmetics at counter unless you are rich or you don't mind spending money on what you like. however, for skincare products, there are good and not-so-expensive products are available at watsons or guardians (duane reade or wal-mart at us).

be beautiful, be smart and be you! (by Laughing Sue)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1, 2, or 3?




i am learning or actually playing with this software, but i think i failed so badly. pic #1 was taken without flash. pic #2, i applied contrast on my head area that's why you can see why my hair is so black like ebony. i prefer pic #3 (because of the color) cos is just not so me. humans just like to fake whatever they can fake/wanna fake.

p/s: will keep learning this pp, it's easy to click and play with the toolbars and buttons, but to really know how to use the toolbars is ain't easy. go try yourself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Yours

Fallen in love with this lovely music video...come sing along with me! 1, 2, 3, go la lalalalalalala

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
Now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
And nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We're just one big family
And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

Scooch on over closer dear
And i will nibble your ear

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I'm be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

But I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours
Please don't, please don't, please don't
There's no need to complicate
Cause our time is short
This oh this this is out fate, I'm yours!