Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to every readers!

May you enjoy this lovely day with your loved ones.

May all female be flourished with red roses, chocolates, cutie bears and lovely gifts!

For male, it's time to spend money and precious time with your loved ones. Hope you get mysterious gift in return from your lovely gf/wife (who says only guys buy gift for girls? girls think so hard on what to buy for them).

V day is all about giving and taking and vice versa.

If you missed this day with your loved ones, nvm 'cos everyday is a V day as long as we get to be together with the one we loved.

So, how are you gonna celeb your V day? Or maybe you should tell me how've you spent your sweet day.

Let me know.



Anonymous said...

Have not been here for a long time now. Just checking and say hi, nothing much.


Sue said...

Hi yz!

thanx for dropping in!