Saturday, March 28, 2009

Be Beautiful, Be Smart & Be You!

Why i love to buy make up and skincare products so much at the states? Here's why...(Please no jaw dropping, ok?)

in us, you need to purchase a minimum of usd27.50 for estee lauder (el) brand cosmetics in order for you to get a 2-pc free bags (1 big & 1 small bag) or sometimes just a tote bag (it varies) plus 7-pc of skincare/make up items such as sample size mascara, eyeshadow, moisturizer, make up remover, blusher, cleanser and a full size lipstick.


Why i hate to buy makeup and skincare products in malaysia? Take a look...(Please hold your jaw as i'm not responsible with jaw dropping, literally)

here, you need to purchase at least rm320 or more to receive a 6-pc gift with any el purchase.

current conversion rate: 1 usd = rm3.60 (as of today)
let's make a simple calculation even a kid can do this:
--> $27.50 x 3.6 = rm99; --> rm320/3.6 = $89

this indicates that if you buy el in msia, you need to pay $89 for any purchase to get the free gifts, while in the states, you only pay rm99 compared to rm320 to get the free gifts. so, are you willing to pay more than 3x of money to get those stuffs? it's not worth buying branded cosmetics at counter unless you are rich or you don't mind spending money on what you like. however, for skincare products, there are good and not-so-expensive products are available at watsons or guardians (duane reade or wal-mart at us).

be beautiful, be smart and be you! (by Laughing Sue)


G√ľnter said...

pffft, I don't know Malaysia is such an expensive state

Sue said...

haha it's not expensive. it's just that the currency is small, salary is low and etc.