Thursday, March 19, 2009

Laugh All You Can!

this afternoon when i was editing my minutes, i typed so fast that i wrote something very funny.

1) laughed at own mistake

original sentence:
X projected to breakeven bla bla bla....

i wrote:
X projected to berakeven bla bla bla....

ahhahaahhahahahaah isn't that funny? berak = shit, therefore berakeven = shiteven (remember to even your shit!). wuhaahaha it's my copyright word. please don't copy!

when reading another minutes written by an experienced PA, i found something super funny.

2) laughed at other's mistake

Y suggested to chop the hand of the attendees to ensure bla bla bla...chairman agreed with his suggestion bla bla bla...

she (the PA) actually wanted to say to stamp instead of "chop", but in daily conversation we normally say "chop" such as "chop the letter" in malaysian culture. okay this is really funny, don't you think so? chairman agreed with Y to chop the attendees hands??? oh what a cruel man!! go chop the tree and don't chop the hands, you idiot! oh no, i am so mean. now you see my true face!

hahahaha enough of my nonsense. time to sai bak bak~

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