Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Awesome Questionnaire

the questionnaire above is really something. i won't tell you my answer cos i had two answers with me. the 1st question is, "had feeling for someone, but don't have the courage to express your love to him/her" - yes/no. if you ask me this question 5 years back, my answer would be a yes. but if you ask me now, the answer is no. ok don't be confusing but i hope you enjoy this awesome questionnaire.

the 7th answer is damn funny hahahahaha

between me and haopo:

haopo: i am a monkey. so what am i?
me: (i thought for so long why she told me she's a monkey and finally i burst into laughter) then you are a monkey....hehehehe

ok it's not funny at all it seems...enjoy! tell me what's your answer! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Pictures

birthday wish list: (genie, pls grant me 3 wishes...)

1. marry a rich man so that i don't need to work
2. travel around the world with loved ones
3. win a jackpot
4. daily body massage and facial treatment
5. sleep 48 hours a day (waittt there's no 48 hrs a day...ok make it 24 hours a day)
6. eat whatever i want and don't need to pay for it
7. buy anything i want without comparing prices

in case you forgot, my birthday had passed. above is my wish list. if god can grant me wish list no. 3, i'd be the happiest person in this world and it will make my wish list from no. 1 - 7 come true.

i promised to upload my bday pics, and here you are. it's a simple bday party with the monkeys. simple but meaningful! :)

sweet bday cake...

i requested chris to kiss me on my cheek


me cutting the bday cake...

crystal doing the kissing..muaxxx

funny couple...eheheh

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



hi everyone! my name is yumiko. i am a fake japanese who doesn't know how to speak japanese. 1st time wearing kimono and i love it! please don't be frightened by my japanese look especially after the great make up. i really like the make up at my eyes except the lips. my eyes looked so big after the made-up and i like it. please take a good look at my pics...and i hope to have lotsa comments on my pics, be it positive or negative...but if you don't have any, just tell me: wow you look great in that make up or you look so different or you look so beautiful...(thanks for making my day!) :)

without dilly dally, go ahead & enjoy these lovely photos...

Peace~~ I'm not that kind of a person who "peace" when taking pics. anyway, world peace!

i like this pic. the faux hair looks like a coconut shell rite? when my scalp is so itchy, the only way to cure it is to use the sharp part of the comb and cucuk the head. hehee.. (the make up artists taught us this)

me and lee2...her faux hair is the wavy fringe

wuahahahahhaah laugh all you want!! i can't stop laughing when i see this pic. i was forcing myself not to smile but i ended up smiling. ~forceful smile~ i really dislike the purple lips; the make up artist dabbed foundation on my lower lip that's why you see the white color on my lip. and then she drew a purple line as the lip liner. goshhh i hate it so much...also when she drew the shape of my upper lip it looked so hmmm how to say...not my original lips' shape (aarghh) pls tell me the purple lips suck!! :(:( i hate purple so muchhhhhh

from left: me, linda and olivia. peace again~

pretty lee2. she's sexy with her cheongsam.

vvip's table decoration. so nice and cute~

the grand ballroom

yummy dessert. the strawberry cake and agar-agar (jello) were delicious!!

after the event before removing my make up. the lip color looked so much better than the previous one. the purple lips have changed to pinkish lips. i had eaten all the white foundation on my lips and i'm still alive now (so magical). see the red dots?? i was thinking i had enough of brown freckles therefore i dun want RED freckles...heheh

3 of us again..getting ready to remove our make up. i borrowed linda's remover (produit de france) and it's so refreshing. i forgot to bring my cleanser, toner and make up remover. so forgetful! purposely went to watsons and bought a cleanser.

6 cotton pads and a cotton bud to remove the stubborn make up. the hardest part was the eye liner...aduii so hard to remove till i wanna cry....i usually use only 1 cotton pad but now 6...

my faux hair and kimono. i quickly removed my hair, really couldn't stand it. so annoying and itchy...

me and azlina, our leader for kimono group.

mr. bra looks so apek here...

kim with her elegant look. during registration, i need to stand at the registration counter to put sash and to pin badges for awardees. photographers took alot of our pics. people who passed by also came to us and never want to miss the chances to take pics with us. even when i went to restroom, people kept coming to me and other usherettes for pics. hehe i felt like a model for that nite, hmmm maybe a celebrity. people kept staring at us and i felt so weird. normally, when someone stares at me for so long, i'll keep staring back at them - "what you staring at? have you never seen a beautiful woman?" hahahahaahaha so this nite they gotta stare as long as they want....uhahahaah

i hope you enjoy this post! :):):)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tired Sue

hi everyone!

i hope you enjoy the ken leee! ~~ken leee, tulibu dibu douchooo.....~~~hahahahahaa

i am back from genting and it's so damn tired and painful on my thighs because of all day standing for my company's event. 1st time wearing kimono and i really loved the costume except that "pillow" wrapping at my back. i need to stand straight otherwise i'd look unpretty. i think i stood straight but not all the time as i was carrying the "pillow" if you don't understand what pillow i'm talking bout, pics will tell you everything. i haven't sort out the pics and i promise i will post it in these few days. please wait...

it was a great experience for me and i had fun on that nite. i am still very lifeless and was very unhappy on certain thing. why do old teenagers like me get unhappy so easily? why why tell me why? the more we grow, the unhappy we get. am i right? anyway i don't wanna share with u my unhappy stuff cos it's contagious. just like when you laugh, people will follow you laugh and when people yawn, i follow them yawn, so weird...

i will upload many of my japanese look pics, errr maybe i don't look that japanese after the heavy make up, but seriously i don't like the make up artist put the lipstick for me and the other usherettes. it's sooo.....you'll see it yourself on next post, :) otherwise everything is fine except that super duper heavy make up. you'll need to use sand paper to take off the make up...cotton pad is not good enough (hey it's a joke if you don't get me :P)

that's all for today's update. see you!! happy waiting...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ken Leee?

ken leee.........tulibu dibu douchooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha if you are thinking why i'm lmao, take a good look at this Bulgarian Music Idol video... omg this video really freaked me out. my colleague opened this video for me to watch at the office, so lucky my bosses walked away and i laughed so loud that all my wrinkles slowly crawled out from my face.... wuahhahahaahahahaa

when i repeatedly watching this video at home, i didn't laugh as loud as the 1st time. why?? i just don't know why...haih no fun...

i hope you enjoy this ken leee and watch it every time you are stress with work! come on, take a break life is short!

p/s: i have been so lazy blogging recently, but i will share interesting videos or anything that i find interesting for my readers. enjoy!

Friday, April 10, 2009


hi hi hi!

it's been almost a week i didn't blog, but i did check on my blog everyday to check total visitors for my site. so syok sendiri (ss) :)

i'm going back home tomorrow early am yeahhh!!! so happy cos i din't go back home for like 1 and a half month. i miss home so much...heehehe

it's time to change my beautiful slide maybe next week. i am thinking either to put my bday pics as a slide or as an entry. wt u think? (answering to myself) --> will see how...

will be going to genting next week for company's big event, working as an usherette wearing kimono...omg..i can't imagine myself wearing that (must look short) and with those heavy make up that i'm gonna hate....wt a nightmare!! will curi-curi remove some of the make up for sure cos i don't wanna look like a baboon's ass. (shhhhhh!!!!)

so excited now (home sweet home, here i come~~)...errmmm i think that's it for this week. bai bai~

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here's my personal review and comments on the Malaysian DreamGirl (MDG) season 2. i realized that most of them are in short hair after the great make over except Denezia and Ming. They all look good in short hair, in fact they look younger than their real age.


my first impression on her: girl-next-door
Denezia is young, bubbly, natural and basically being herself. she expresses herself thru body language when she speaks. some viewers might or might not like her because of her over-do-it facial expression. she's my favorite among the girls. keep it up and be yourself! (you are cute with your baby fat, no worries!)


first impression: Who is she? (thinking hard to recall her name)
Dawn is tall and skinny, but i barely remember her face. i did not really remember her appearance after watching so many episodes of mdg2.


first impression: a girl with dark skin and a mole on her upper lip.
Shasya looks tanned, she looks great when she smiles, however when she doesn't, she looks so scary like someone who had hated you for centuries. she looks abit muscular and looks so much better when she smiles. in this pic, she'd look nicer with her left leg on the sofa and not hanging like that.


first impression: she has those big eyes like goldfish and her mouth is so wide.
Natasha is one of my least favorites. i remember her long blonde hair when she joined the audition. after make over, she looks so much better and at least, pleasing to eyes. what i don't like about her is that she acts like a detective. she asked all the other 6 girls on who talked about "she could be paying the private hospital" we saw that when she fights with ming; she kept complaining and raising her voice. she was so rude and said, "bullshit, shit and etc." we need to move on, natasha. you don't need to argue and fight who's right and wrong and who talks this and that. be more mature. (it's unfair for me to write a long comment on her, therefore i shall make my summary). In a nutshell, Natasha is rude and i don't like her. she talks alot and she might be the earliest to be kicked out (or maybe not).


first impression: plain looking face with braces. omg how could she be in final 12?
Ming has the plain looking face and she is also one of my least favorites aside to natasha. not bcos she had her braces on but she looks so ordinary. i may not remember her if i spotted her in mall.


first impression: angelina jolie's lips
Juanita is articulate, outspoken and know what she's doing and what she wants. she looks attractive but i really don't like her plumpy lips. when she doesn't smile, her lips are so plumpy. i always noticed her lips before her face. haha...it seems like the girls don't like her because she is hypocrite and talks different things to different girls in the house. the girls wanted her out from the dream house asap. i wonder if she could make it to the final. in this pic, she doesn't look like she is waiting for someone but more or less like seducing someone.
J: Cutie boy, would you mind buying me a drink? *grin*


first impression: cute looking girl but nothing special on her look
Pinky looks like one of the tvb dramas' actress. she cannot articulate her words well, it's very funny when she speaks english. she looks amazing on this picture. i noticed that her face always change and i couldn't recognize her when she had a heavy make up on in the pavillion pic. one thing funny on her bf is that the bf sounds so lifeless when talking on the phone. the bf encouraged her to stay strong but he sounded like a dead chicken (from his voice). it made me think, "wow that's her bf? his voice doesn't sound encouraging, more like discouraging her. hey did you not eat rice? or have you no energy to talk? :P

2 girls are leaving the competition next week, and i wonder who would that be? i hope denezia, shasya and pinky stay longer. juanita and natasha, hope you'll stay for another few more episodes so that we have more dramas. =)

watch the girls here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Friday

it's a black friday for me. super low mood, low battery and low energy. don't ask why cos i won't tell. enjoy your lovely weekend.

:( for me
:) for you

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool Me

I guess everyone knows that today is april fool's day. I know i can't fool you but here's something to share with you. Use it if you think it's useful to fool people like me.

My sis sent me a short message:

Hey, if you hate me then tell me la. Dun need to bitch behind my back right?

my response was like: huh? why did she say that? i was so angry and was stunned for a while. and then i replied her:-

bitch wt? i dun un.

her reply: scroll down, haha
before i let you read the other half of the msg, i sent the same msg to 10 of my friends. their shocking replies are:

1. Huh? where got? why u said that?
this friend called me few times and asked me wt happened, and i told him to read the msg properly. he still didn't un and finally he got the answer (i hope) cos he said he knew my prank joke, but didn't mention april fool. i dared not mention, thinking he might fool me back and utter april fool to me.

2. :( - a cute animation icon telling me that she was fooled. haha..

3. R u sending a wrong message to wrong person? (common answer)

4. Where you heard it fr? i nvr say any of wat u mentioned. wat makes you feel so? (she's so worried about the sms)

scroll down, haha:

cold sweat? lol. its april fool. njoy :P

p/s: most people never read sms properly, just believe on what they see. i didn't notice the msg was a long msg bcos after reading the sentences, i just stopped. there's more at the bottom of msg. we need to be more attention to detail on whatever we do. :)