Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Pictures

birthday wish list: (genie, pls grant me 3 wishes...)

1. marry a rich man so that i don't need to work
2. travel around the world with loved ones
3. win a jackpot
4. daily body massage and facial treatment
5. sleep 48 hours a day (waittt there's no 48 hrs a day...ok make it 24 hours a day)
6. eat whatever i want and don't need to pay for it
7. buy anything i want without comparing prices

in case you forgot, my birthday had passed. above is my wish list. if god can grant me wish list no. 3, i'd be the happiest person in this world and it will make my wish list from no. 1 - 7 come true.

i promised to upload my bday pics, and here you are. it's a simple bday party with the monkeys. simple but meaningful! :)

sweet bday cake...

i requested chris to kiss me on my cheek


me cutting the bday cake...

crystal doing the kissing..muaxxx

funny couple...eheheh

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