Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool Me

I guess everyone knows that today is april fool's day. I know i can't fool you but here's something to share with you. Use it if you think it's useful to fool people like me.

My sis sent me a short message:

Hey, if you hate me then tell me la. Dun need to bitch behind my back right?

my response was like: huh? why did she say that? i was so angry and was stunned for a while. and then i replied her:-

bitch wt? i dun un.

her reply: scroll down, haha
before i let you read the other half of the msg, i sent the same msg to 10 of my friends. their shocking replies are:

1. Huh? where got? why u said that?
this friend called me few times and asked me wt happened, and i told him to read the msg properly. he still didn't un and finally he got the answer (i hope) cos he said he knew my prank joke, but didn't mention april fool. i dared not mention, thinking he might fool me back and utter april fool to me.

2. :( - a cute animation icon telling me that she was fooled. haha..

3. R u sending a wrong message to wrong person? (common answer)

4. Where you heard it fr? i nvr say any of wat u mentioned. wat makes you feel so? (she's so worried about the sms)

scroll down, haha:

cold sweat? lol. its april fool. njoy :P

p/s: most people never read sms properly, just believe on what they see. i didn't notice the msg was a long msg bcos after reading the sentences, i just stopped. there's more at the bottom of msg. we need to be more attention to detail on whatever we do. :)

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