Friday, April 10, 2009


hi hi hi!

it's been almost a week i didn't blog, but i did check on my blog everyday to check total visitors for my site. so syok sendiri (ss) :)

i'm going back home tomorrow early am yeahhh!!! so happy cos i din't go back home for like 1 and a half month. i miss home so much...heehehe

it's time to change my beautiful slide maybe next week. i am thinking either to put my bday pics as a slide or as an entry. wt u think? (answering to myself) --> will see how...

will be going to genting next week for company's big event, working as an usherette wearing kimono...omg..i can't imagine myself wearing that (must look short) and with those heavy make up that i'm gonna hate....wt a nightmare!! will curi-curi remove some of the make up for sure cos i don't wanna look like a baboon's ass. (shhhhhh!!!!)

so excited now (home sweet home, here i come~~)...errmmm i think that's it for this week. bai bai~


Günter said...

There nothing more is the matter, I miss your posts.....tears in my eyes :)

Sue said...

hehehee thanks for being my loyal reader..:)

Günter said...

You don't loose me.............. so long I have Internet :)

Sue said...

hahaha that's cool!