Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ken Leee?

ken leee.........tulibu dibu douchooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha if you are thinking why i'm lmao, take a good look at this Bulgarian Music Idol video... omg this video really freaked me out. my colleague opened this video for me to watch at the office, so lucky my bosses walked away and i laughed so loud that all my wrinkles slowly crawled out from my face.... wuahhahahaahahahaa

when i repeatedly watching this video at home, i didn't laugh as loud as the 1st time. why?? i just don't know why...haih no fun...

i hope you enjoy this ken leee and watch it every time you are stress with work! come on, take a break life is short!

p/s: i have been so lazy blogging recently, but i will share interesting videos or anything that i find interesting for my readers. enjoy!


G√ľnter said...

such interesting videos or things or links you can share very good for example in Twitter. Do you know Twitter, the social network? It is fantastic. I am also twittering and if you try, you will probably like it.

WoayChee said...

you will laugh like mad girl if you understand cantonese.

Sue said...

gunter: wowo no free ad i don't know about twitter. will try it some day!

woaychee: hi thanks for leaving your 1st comment here. i do un cantonese and i just viewed the video and it's freaking funny...lei lai see = rainbow color...:) wuahahahahahahah