Wednesday, April 22, 2009



hi everyone! my name is yumiko. i am a fake japanese who doesn't know how to speak japanese. 1st time wearing kimono and i love it! please don't be frightened by my japanese look especially after the great make up. i really like the make up at my eyes except the lips. my eyes looked so big after the made-up and i like it. please take a good look at my pics...and i hope to have lotsa comments on my pics, be it positive or negative...but if you don't have any, just tell me: wow you look great in that make up or you look so different or you look so beautiful...(thanks for making my day!) :)

without dilly dally, go ahead & enjoy these lovely photos...

Peace~~ I'm not that kind of a person who "peace" when taking pics. anyway, world peace!

i like this pic. the faux hair looks like a coconut shell rite? when my scalp is so itchy, the only way to cure it is to use the sharp part of the comb and cucuk the head. hehee.. (the make up artists taught us this)

me and lee2...her faux hair is the wavy fringe

wuahahahahhaah laugh all you want!! i can't stop laughing when i see this pic. i was forcing myself not to smile but i ended up smiling. ~forceful smile~ i really dislike the purple lips; the make up artist dabbed foundation on my lower lip that's why you see the white color on my lip. and then she drew a purple line as the lip liner. goshhh i hate it so much...also when she drew the shape of my upper lip it looked so hmmm how to say...not my original lips' shape (aarghh) pls tell me the purple lips suck!! :(:( i hate purple so muchhhhhh

from left: me, linda and olivia. peace again~

pretty lee2. she's sexy with her cheongsam.

vvip's table decoration. so nice and cute~

the grand ballroom

yummy dessert. the strawberry cake and agar-agar (jello) were delicious!!

after the event before removing my make up. the lip color looked so much better than the previous one. the purple lips have changed to pinkish lips. i had eaten all the white foundation on my lips and i'm still alive now (so magical). see the red dots?? i was thinking i had enough of brown freckles therefore i dun want RED freckles...heheh

3 of us again..getting ready to remove our make up. i borrowed linda's remover (produit de france) and it's so refreshing. i forgot to bring my cleanser, toner and make up remover. so forgetful! purposely went to watsons and bought a cleanser.

6 cotton pads and a cotton bud to remove the stubborn make up. the hardest part was the eye liner...aduii so hard to remove till i wanna cry....i usually use only 1 cotton pad but now 6...

my faux hair and kimono. i quickly removed my hair, really couldn't stand it. so annoying and itchy...

me and azlina, our leader for kimono group.

mr. bra looks so apek here...

kim with her elegant look. during registration, i need to stand at the registration counter to put sash and to pin badges for awardees. photographers took alot of our pics. people who passed by also came to us and never want to miss the chances to take pics with us. even when i went to restroom, people kept coming to me and other usherettes for pics. hehe i felt like a model for that nite, hmmm maybe a celebrity. people kept staring at us and i felt so weird. normally, when someone stares at me for so long, i'll keep staring back at them - "what you staring at? have you never seen a beautiful woman?" hahahahaahaha so this nite they gotta stare as long as they want....uhahahaah

i hope you enjoy this post! :):):)


Anonymous said...

look nice...
or should i say 'different'?
Glad you are happy!:)

Have lots of fun!

Sue said...

err..did you mean beautiful? :)

becky said...

hi yumiko...hahahahha...very pretty miss susan..

Sue said...

thanks sweet of u!