Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here's my personal review and comments on the Malaysian DreamGirl (MDG) season 2. i realized that most of them are in short hair after the great make over except Denezia and Ming. They all look good in short hair, in fact they look younger than their real age.


my first impression on her: girl-next-door
Denezia is young, bubbly, natural and basically being herself. she expresses herself thru body language when she speaks. some viewers might or might not like her because of her over-do-it facial expression. she's my favorite among the girls. keep it up and be yourself! (you are cute with your baby fat, no worries!)


first impression: Who is she? (thinking hard to recall her name)
Dawn is tall and skinny, but i barely remember her face. i did not really remember her appearance after watching so many episodes of mdg2.


first impression: a girl with dark skin and a mole on her upper lip.
Shasya looks tanned, she looks great when she smiles, however when she doesn't, she looks so scary like someone who had hated you for centuries. she looks abit muscular and looks so much better when she smiles. in this pic, she'd look nicer with her left leg on the sofa and not hanging like that.


first impression: she has those big eyes like goldfish and her mouth is so wide.
Natasha is one of my least favorites. i remember her long blonde hair when she joined the audition. after make over, she looks so much better and at least, pleasing to eyes. what i don't like about her is that she acts like a detective. she asked all the other 6 girls on who talked about "she could be paying the private hospital" we saw that when she fights with ming; she kept complaining and raising her voice. she was so rude and said, "bullshit, shit and etc." we need to move on, natasha. you don't need to argue and fight who's right and wrong and who talks this and that. be more mature. (it's unfair for me to write a long comment on her, therefore i shall make my summary). In a nutshell, Natasha is rude and i don't like her. she talks alot and she might be the earliest to be kicked out (or maybe not).


first impression: plain looking face with braces. omg how could she be in final 12?
Ming has the plain looking face and she is also one of my least favorites aside to natasha. not bcos she had her braces on but she looks so ordinary. i may not remember her if i spotted her in mall.


first impression: angelina jolie's lips
Juanita is articulate, outspoken and know what she's doing and what she wants. she looks attractive but i really don't like her plumpy lips. when she doesn't smile, her lips are so plumpy. i always noticed her lips before her face. seems like the girls don't like her because she is hypocrite and talks different things to different girls in the house. the girls wanted her out from the dream house asap. i wonder if she could make it to the final. in this pic, she doesn't look like she is waiting for someone but more or less like seducing someone.
J: Cutie boy, would you mind buying me a drink? *grin*


first impression: cute looking girl but nothing special on her look
Pinky looks like one of the tvb dramas' actress. she cannot articulate her words well, it's very funny when she speaks english. she looks amazing on this picture. i noticed that her face always change and i couldn't recognize her when she had a heavy make up on in the pavillion pic. one thing funny on her bf is that the bf sounds so lifeless when talking on the phone. the bf encouraged her to stay strong but he sounded like a dead chicken (from his voice). it made me think, "wow that's her bf? his voice doesn't sound encouraging, more like discouraging her. hey did you not eat rice? or have you no energy to talk? :P

2 girls are leaving the competition next week, and i wonder who would that be? i hope denezia, shasya and pinky stay longer. juanita and natasha, hope you'll stay for another few more episodes so that we have more dramas. =)

watch the girls here.

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