Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tired Sue

hi everyone!

i hope you enjoy the ken leee! ~~ken leee, tulibu dibu douchooo.....~~~hahahahahaa

i am back from genting and it's so damn tired and painful on my thighs because of all day standing for my company's event. 1st time wearing kimono and i really loved the costume except that "pillow" wrapping at my back. i need to stand straight otherwise i'd look unpretty. i think i stood straight but not all the time as i was carrying the "pillow" if you don't understand what pillow i'm talking bout, pics will tell you everything. i haven't sort out the pics and i promise i will post it in these few days. please wait...

it was a great experience for me and i had fun on that nite. i am still very lifeless and was very unhappy on certain thing. why do old teenagers like me get unhappy so easily? why why tell me why? the more we grow, the unhappy we get. am i right? anyway i don't wanna share with u my unhappy stuff cos it's contagious. just like when you laugh, people will follow you laugh and when people yawn, i follow them yawn, so weird...

i will upload many of my japanese look pics, errr maybe i don't look that japanese after the heavy make up, but seriously i don't like the make up artist put the lipstick for me and the other usherettes. it's'll see it yourself on next post, :) otherwise everything is fine except that super duper heavy make up. you'll need to use sand paper to take off the make up...cotton pad is not good enough (hey it's a joke if you don't get me :P)

that's all for today's update. see you!! happy waiting...


Anonymous said...

hey, has been busy.
Didn't know you are working now.

Must be good.


Sue said...

hey how come you didn't knoww? how u??