Monday, May 18, 2009

Beb beb beb

i am back again...

i am glad my no. 1 loyal reader gunter complained that i didn't spent time blogging. serves me right huh? tq for your comments!

i have no idea on what to blog. life sucks recently and i had no idea at all what i should write. i took 2 days off last week and i enjoyed myself very much going back home and spent my precious time with my family. nothing feels good than spending your time with loved ones.

i am not feeling well these few days. my heart beats so fast and loud. i can even hear it beating like someone who is playing drum in my heart. i am afraid of seeing doc at panel clinic. i don't wanna listen to something i dislike. my friend said i might have heart attack (touch wood). yeah right. i don't wanna die so early. i wanna travel and eat delicious food. i wanna do whatever i want with no restriction (if i could). in a nutshell, i wanna be happy now and ever. it's just that simple. i am afraid my heart beats so fast mainly because wk made me so damn angry. and i almost lost control. i am scared that i might get insane. i hate to be one.

oh yea btw, juanita won the dream girl competition. i'm not surprised at all but i wanted pinky or dawn to win the title. i had sixth sense that dawn was not going to win it. juanita has the look and talent ok she actually deserves the title. congrats to you juanita!!

i'll see you next round. bye!

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