Saturday, June 6, 2009

So Fortunate

what is so fortunate? 2 burglars broke into my house yesterday and i wasn't at home. i reached home at 5.30 p.m. and saw all my housemates were at home and looked so serious. i asked one of them and he (A) told me burglars broke into our house. i was surprised and frightened...

but my room was all ok. they (the burglars) didn't break into my room. thank god...3 rooms upstairs were messy and things were all over the place. room no. 2's door was a sturdy door but they managed to break in. A lost a laptop, camera and cash. A said the burglars were stupid because they ran away with just the laptop but didn't take the adapter with him. the battery was kept in a briefcase but they didn't take it. room 3 was partly messy because they only took some foreign currency and didn't search the whole room. room 1, lost cash and 3 spare keys. the burglars were so clever cos they took away the 3 spare keys and used the main door and flee away.

how they got in:

the 2 guys (age between 20 -30) broke into our house by using back door at the kitchen which was near my room. the door was old and rusty. i thought a while why didn't they steal my things in my room? i was lucky my laptop was not stolen otherwise i'd be a cry baby. my housemates said maybe because they didn't have enough time if not they would have stolen it. i was so fortunate...

we made police report. our neighbor (auntie) opposite us saw 2 guys coming out from our main door at around 11 a.m. taking bags and walked to their cars which they parked quite far from my house. the auntie sensed something wrong because she never seen the guys before but she didn't take action. what a good neighbor! she thought the 2 guys were our friends and bla bla bla. the burglars must have known that our house is empty cos everyone is at work in the morning.

lesson of the story:

don't keep so much money at home.

god bless everyone...

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