Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Love

it hurts so much to love someone.

have you ever write a message to your long lost friend congratulating her for her wedding and wishing her happiness and at the same time your heart is broken? broken because you feel so hurt by something and someone and not because your married friend has snatched your bf, pls get it right! yes or no?

i hope you never try that. it hurts so much - no words can ever describe that feeling especially when i'm writing the lovely happy message and at the same time thinking of how someone hurts me. and even if you are a good writer, you can't describe the hurt feeling with beautiful language. or maybe because i am not a writer, i can't describe the feeling. i wish to become a writer but i am just an ordinary blogger who blogs whatever i wanted to blog. i write my own journal and loves to jot down my happy and unhappy feelings and thoughts on my beloved journal.

congrats to fiona and i wish her all the best!!