Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middle Finger

sue: hi doc!

doc: hello!

sue: i hurt my finger and it's swollen.

doc: ok do you wanna take any drug?

sue: yes i'd like to take anti-inflammatory & swelling tablets. tq doc!

when i was about to leave, the doc called my name.

doc: so which hand and finger did you hurt?

sue: (i showed him my right hand and middle finger)

hahahahahaha ok this is not a joke! this is real. i hurt my middle finger and pointed it to him when he asked me that question. i hope you are laughing at my joke now. pls tell me it's funny...pleaaaseeeeeeee~~


Ran said...

xD Wow, I wonder how the doctor reacted to that!

Its quite funny since it wasnt expected xD

Sue said...

hahaha the doc was smiling to me... :) sure he must be thinking oh this bad girl!!