Saturday, July 18, 2009


i really like neutrogena brand especially the make up remover...

however, the sunscreen that i've had been using for the past few months really pissed me off.

not only i wasted my money buying the product, i even bought 1 extra to keep in my room.

my sis also did the same thing. only then i realized the sunscreen makes me itchy for 2 weeks when i applied it on both my hands. rashes appeared on my hands. my face is ok, no itchiness occurred, but my sis had acne-like spots on her face. i don't have sensitive skin so what went wrong?

on the tube it warns us:

warning: discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. (whatt??)

so does that mean, the manufacturer can simply leave behind his responsibility if they put the warning sign on the tube? can i get my money back??? yes or no?? in your dream!

the good thing about trying new products is that we may have more choices and know which product is good for our skin, and which suits us best....

but the only bad thing is that we won't know if it harms us or suits our skin, what if we woke up one day in the morning and find rashes all over our face? how far can you take the risk?

my best advice: stick to the brand/product that you like which suits you best. i think i'd better use the sunscreen that i have previously used although it's expensive.

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