Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Self Talk

ok self talk therapy helps you in achieving your goals. at least it reminds you of who you are. practice it daily and repeat it many times =)

i like myself.

i love myself and my family more than anything.

i am energetic. i am hardworking. i am consistent.

i am confident. i have high self-esteem.

i am in perfect health. i am happy.

p/s: you don't need to follow my self talk. you can use your own self talk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

EQ, Stress, Positive???

being positive. how many of us is able to think and stay positive everyday???

i've just attended 2 days training and it's about EQ & Total Wellness by Rachel Khor. these 2 days, she taught us how to control our EQ. we all know that EQ is more important than IQ and we all need to be in control. EQ basically means energy in motion. here's some notes to share with you if you'd like to know more bout EQ. Rachel talked alot about stress, she replaced stress word with ST cos she doesn't want to use negative words.

the best way to reduce/clear stress is to exercise. buy yourself favorite choc/ice-cream. when we stress, we tend to think negatively. you can listen to Baroque (18th century classical music) such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. listen to natural music such as waves/water. never listen to Baroque when you are driving cos it make you sleep. always have someone to talk to when you are stress. take a deep breath, hold it and exhale......

-associate to all positive experience
-disassociate from all negative experience

#the more you give away abundance will flow in - this is so true. take example the mask that i got from clinic, i gave it to my colleague and in return i got free masks from others.

#always silently say...
i love you. i am sorry. please forgive me. tq (when you think you are in deep shit, e.g. you might scared that your boss might scold you because you did something wrong or etc., say this mantra in your heart before you encounter your boss. try and see if it works. remember to use this when you try to solve any issue with another person.

#when you change your beliefs/values/emotions, you change your thoughts and expectation.

#left brain (LB) and right brain (RB)

LB is 10% of our personality/behavior. it is also called CM (conscious mind) CM is our IQ.
LB - analysis, facts, language, linear thinking, logic, maths, sequencing, think in words, verbal, words of song. CM is smart but no power, it's logical, willpower and a short term memory.
Activate your LB - BETA brain frequency (ALERT, AWAKE, ATTENTIVE) LB is associated with words & figure, logic and language.

RB is 90% of our character. it is also called SM (subconscious mind). SM is our EQ.
RB - creative arts, creative daydreaming, feelings/emotion, holistic approach, imagination, intuition, nonverbal, rhythm, think in pictures, tune of songs. SM drives us and is not smart but powerful. it runs our body and it acts like engine/little voice. SM is habits, long term memory, beliefs + values = attitude (emotional system).
Activate your RB - Alpha Brain Frequency (PEACEFUL, CALM, RELAX) RB is associated with colors, music, pictures and emotions.

##when you repeat something 30x, it becomes a habit. ##

when you are in anger, excuse yourself from the person who makes you angry. walk away from the source of anger. one important thing i learned from this training is that; the person who makes you angry doesn't deserve your attention. therefore, when you are angry, you just ignore them. once you get angry, the person is controlling you. and the person who makes you angry will sure be laughing their ass off if they knew you are angry. so never get angry with people who is unimportant to you! they don't deserve your time and energy at all, ok??

put yourself in other people's shoes. i won't do this if i hate the person. come on don't waste your time.

#positive and negative cannot exist together, so BE POSITIVE!

#always remember to be RELAX.

i hope you enjoy this, if you feel bored, i sincerely say this to you --> I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. TQ :)

-credits to Rachel Khor.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A H1N1

it's been a week again for not updating my blog and i really hate it.

thanks to those who care to read my blog...and who patiently waiting for my updates. tq~

i've been sick for a week and i'm now on my road to recovery but i still have lil' cough and i ate 2-pc of small fried chicken today. pls don't eat chicken if you have cough. you will cough to death believe me!! try it if you don't~~~ keekee

i was and am glad that i'm not infected by a h1n1! go away you contagious flu!!!!

everyone is wearing a mask be it at lrt or office. i haven't wear even once. i got so many with me now...hahahaha keeping it for collection or when i need it. if you need one let me know...i am happy to give only one for those who dare to ask.

wearing mask is now like a trend. everyone is so happy to cover their face, nose and breathe on their own breath rather than breathing the contaminated air. yuckkk...ok..i actually use handkerchief to cover my nose though it's a bit tiring to hold the handkerchief like that.

take care of yourself~ i hope this h1n1 will end soon. enough of daily death report in the newspaper. bye~

Monday, August 10, 2009


the haze is getting terible. t-e-r-i-b-l-e - read it in espanol not english~

i can smell it in my room. yuckkk omfg~~ it's like as if those indonesians are burning their forest at the back of my house~~

one mask costs rm1 but i don't wanna pay that money. it's not easy to get it at my office clinic either, cos you need to have flu symptoms and MUST see the doc otherwise you can't get the mask!! i finally got flu symptom and saw the doc and i got the mask!!! yeahhhh...

but i was too generous and i finally gave it to my colleague who's going for a roadshow tomolo. i didn't mean to show you how generous i am, but haih~~ i gave it to her thinking that she needs it more than i do. ok i don't need to explain to you what i am thinking if you know me well) in a nutshell, don't be so generous! (sc gonna kill me if she read this :P)

this is a very random entry. when i was lrt there's this girl who laughed like no other's business. she was standing face to face with her bf and all of a sudden she was making this so called "making love sound" and i was like....huhhhh! 1st laugh was ok, but when the 2nd and 3rd laugh approaching my right ear i started to turned my head to her direction and gave her a stare. she acted like nothing ok fine. and then when i acchhhhhhooooooooo---- (sneezing...obviously) she quickly turned her back to me...ahahahahahahahah how funny and interesting. i didn't get hurt by her body language cos my sneeze came at the right time which is to shut her making love sound from hurting my ears. yes!!! and then she used her tudung to cover her nose...and i left her in dismay. serves her right~ (i'm so evil hahahahaha)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miserable Day II

let's continue with the protest. i don't wanna divide the story into 2 parts actually, not that i wanna give you suspense but i'm so lazy to write... thanks to the lazy veins that's living in my body.

we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and...we saw the so called FRU (red police truck) heading from our back. they were trying to disperse the crowds, i don't know whether the FRU are using water cannon or teargas so i assumed it's teargas or water cannon aiya whatever man...i had no time to think at all.

the crowds were shouting wooooo~~~~~~~~~and the more they wooooo~~~~~ the more frightened i was. we actually stopped at an indian shop asking if we can get in to hide. they said no. ok fine! luckily we didn't go in if not what would have happened to us? (my sis told me that) they were 3 of them. they didn't close the shop and i think they didn't know what's happening from their facial expression.

it was so jam when we crossed the road. we ran like refugees believe it or not! i have never experienced this in my life~ imagine if you were at countries like bosnia, somalia and etc. which wars are part of their life. they can't escape wars and live in fears throughout the years....i don't want that!! ok it's hard to cross the road cos it's jam and the cars were slow because they were so busybody looking at the dispersed crowd, some cars let us cross because they knew what's happening.

so finally i reached plaza rakyat station. luckily the station was not closed. we have walked 2 stations and it was not far actually because we have no time to think of the distance...

end of story~

the haze is getting worse. almost everyone is wearing a mask. most people are sick and cough like crazy. enjoy your weekend~

Monday, August 3, 2009

Miserable Day

click here for more detailed news

it's not a hot news anymore. i should have published this entry on sat nite or sunday morning but i did not. i was super tired for the whole saturday because i was shopping at sogo (yeah sogo, oh damn it) with my younger sis. and it's so unfortunate that the protests happened near sogo and at sogo. if i knew the protest would have held there, i swear to god i won't go there.

the bandaraya station was closed. everyone was waiting and gathering at the lrt area. everyone was standing and looking around for some interesting thing to happen. i was happily shopping for shoes and the announcer announced many times that we could not get out of the building for safety reason. and when they (the sogo) let us out, we could only used the exit at the supermarket dept. oh i was so scared cos i've never seen/experienced this kind of thing b4. i was trapped in the building for few hours and was late for my elder's sis new restaurant opening.

when we were at outside of sogo standing at another exit, suddenly a group of people was running from our opposite direction. my sis and i were so frightened, so i shouted to her, "come let's get back into the mall" so we ran into the mall. ok to make the story short, we were unable to take the lrt at bandaraya so we walked to masjid jamek stat. from there the station was closed and alot of people gathered there. we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and....

to be continued...