Monday, August 10, 2009


the haze is getting terible. t-e-r-i-b-l-e - read it in espanol not english~

i can smell it in my room. yuckkk omfg~~ it's like as if those indonesians are burning their forest at the back of my house~~

one mask costs rm1 but i don't wanna pay that money. it's not easy to get it at my office clinic either, cos you need to have flu symptoms and MUST see the doc otherwise you can't get the mask!! i finally got flu symptom and saw the doc and i got the mask!!! yeahhhh...

but i was too generous and i finally gave it to my colleague who's going for a roadshow tomolo. i didn't mean to show you how generous i am, but haih~~ i gave it to her thinking that she needs it more than i do. ok i don't need to explain to you what i am thinking if you know me well) in a nutshell, don't be so generous! (sc gonna kill me if she read this :P)

this is a very random entry. when i was lrt there's this girl who laughed like no other's business. she was standing face to face with her bf and all of a sudden she was making this so called "making love sound" and i was like....huhhhh! 1st laugh was ok, but when the 2nd and 3rd laugh approaching my right ear i started to turned my head to her direction and gave her a stare. she acted like nothing ok fine. and then when i acchhhhhhooooooooo---- (sneezing...obviously) she quickly turned her back to me...ahahahahahahahah how funny and interesting. i didn't get hurt by her body language cos my sneeze came at the right time which is to shut her making love sound from hurting my ears. yes!!! and then she used her tudung to cover her nose...and i left her in dismay. serves her right~ (i'm so evil hahahahaha)

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