Monday, August 17, 2009

A H1N1

it's been a week again for not updating my blog and i really hate it.

thanks to those who care to read my blog...and who patiently waiting for my updates. tq~

i've been sick for a week and i'm now on my road to recovery but i still have lil' cough and i ate 2-pc of small fried chicken today. pls don't eat chicken if you have cough. you will cough to death believe me!! try it if you don't~~~ keekee

i was and am glad that i'm not infected by a h1n1! go away you contagious flu!!!!

everyone is wearing a mask be it at lrt or office. i haven't wear even once. i got so many with me now...hahahaha keeping it for collection or when i need it. if you need one let me know...i am happy to give only one for those who dare to ask.

wearing mask is now like a trend. everyone is so happy to cover their face, nose and breathe on their own breath rather than breathing the contaminated air. yuckkk...ok..i actually use handkerchief to cover my nose though it's a bit tiring to hold the handkerchief like that.

take care of yourself~ i hope this h1n1 will end soon. enough of daily death report in the newspaper. bye~

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