Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miserable Day II

let's continue with the protest. i don't wanna divide the story into 2 parts actually, not that i wanna give you suspense but i'm so lazy to write... thanks to the lazy veins that's living in my body.

we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and...we saw the so called FRU (red police truck) heading from our back. they were trying to disperse the crowds, i don't know whether the FRU are using water cannon or teargas so i assumed it's teargas or water cannon aiya whatever man...i had no time to think at all.

the crowds were shouting wooooo~~~~~~~~~and the more they wooooo~~~~~ the more frightened i was. we actually stopped at an indian shop asking if we can get in to hide. they said no. ok fine! luckily we didn't go in if not what would have happened to us? (my sis told me that) they were 3 of them. they didn't close the shop and i think they didn't know what's happening from their facial expression.

it was so jam when we crossed the road. we ran like refugees believe it or not! i have never experienced this in my life~ imagine if you were at countries like bosnia, somalia and etc. which wars are part of their life. they can't escape wars and live in fears throughout the years....i don't want that!! ok it's hard to cross the road cos it's jam and the cars were slow because they were so busybody looking at the dispersed crowd, some cars let us cross because they knew what's happening.

so finally i reached plaza rakyat station. luckily the station was not closed. we have walked 2 stations and it was not far actually because we have no time to think of the distance...

end of story~

the haze is getting worse. almost everyone is wearing a mask. most people are sick and cough like crazy. enjoy your weekend~

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