Monday, August 3, 2009

Miserable Day

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it's not a hot news anymore. i should have published this entry on sat nite or sunday morning but i did not. i was super tired for the whole saturday because i was shopping at sogo (yeah sogo, oh damn it) with my younger sis. and it's so unfortunate that the protests happened near sogo and at sogo. if i knew the protest would have held there, i swear to god i won't go there.

the bandaraya station was closed. everyone was waiting and gathering at the lrt area. everyone was standing and looking around for some interesting thing to happen. i was happily shopping for shoes and the announcer announced many times that we could not get out of the building for safety reason. and when they (the sogo) let us out, we could only used the exit at the supermarket dept. oh i was so scared cos i've never seen/experienced this kind of thing b4. i was trapped in the building for few hours and was late for my elder's sis new restaurant opening.

when we were at outside of sogo standing at another exit, suddenly a group of people was running from our opposite direction. my sis and i were so frightened, so i shouted to her, "come let's get back into the mall" so we ran into the mall. ok to make the story short, we were unable to take the lrt at bandaraya so we walked to masjid jamek stat. from there the station was closed and alot of people gathered there. we walked and sometimes stopped to see what's happening and....

to be continued...

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