Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad Worse Worst

i really hate it when i lost something. i lost my hippo coin purse b4 with rm10 in it at the restroom at my office. i only realized losing it after i went back home. i really missed the purse. i wish i could get it back even without the money in it.

last week i lost my lrt card. i bought a rm20 card and just used 4.80. the remaining balance is gone cos i don't know whether i misplaced it or dropped it somewhere else. but i am very sure i dropped it on the way to office cos the only place i will ever put my card is either in my pocket or in my bag. and i didn't find my card in both places. :(:(

everything wasn't smooth for me since last week. anything you could think of - work, sleep, constipation (opss), financial, and personal problem. ohh and i just hurt my toe when i was at jj busy examining the foldable storage stool (it's a stool where u can store your stuffs) to me it's more like a storage than a stool. i'm now using it to put my laptop. i didn't realize the package was unbuttoned and when i hold it, the stool fell on my left's so freaking painful. after a few minutes only i realized my toe was bleeding...poor lil' toe~.

last friday i noticed my left leg was swollen and i applied some ointment on it. the swell became big after applying ointment and it's normal cos it takes time to reduce the swell hmmm about a week maybe. i didn't know how i got the swollen thing, but it's really annoying to get one. now you see how unlucky i was. i wan to have everything goes smoothly from this second!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flaw Attack

i hate it when people use my flaw to "attack" me. it's not because the beauty product really helps to enlighten freckles but the promoter just want me to buy their products.

i was asking this promoter the usage of the product and she told me it can bla bla bla and in the end of her statement she added, "it can be used for freckles too." it's very obvious she's making that statement because she saw my freckles and wanted me to buy (no way!). my freckles that i have might help her to get sales. this made me unhappy of cos. you don't need to remind me of my flaw and i don't hate my freckles, it's just that i hope my freckles are not obvious with my fair skin.

goshhh... i had encountered this so called "flaw attack" twice in a week! this week was really an unlucky week for me, i felt so emo and mentally very exhausted.

the next time you encounter such incident (it might not be freckles) remember not to buy anything from them. just buzz off like i did :) :)

p/s: too much complaint recently, i hope it's gonna over by end of this week and will start a fresh day tomolo. good nite.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stab, stab her to death!!

today was my unlucky day.

i worked hard at office but i didn't put emotion in it. i was like a robot you know, robot is nothing but a machine and they cannot think and you think they are smart enough to receive your order? think again.

i was a robot today because i was back stabbed by someone whom i do not hate/love.

this person A forwarded my email (that i replied to A) to my boss. my boss and this person has a good relationship. i did not hate my boss but i hate A 'cos why the hell A wanna cucuk my back?? my colleague said she had nothing better to do. she did not like the way i replied the email i presume (but i replied professionally) thus A did something which i knew she might have done it and she really did! sigh~~ i have 6th sense mind you. i am not a god nor a ghost but i know when something doesn't go right.

forget about this fucking person. i wanna zzz now. good nite~

Friday, September 11, 2009


there's one song i really cannot tahan. the song is called diamonds by kraft. the melody is really...i don't know man. the guy's voice is so "gay" to me. and he keeps yelling....the lyrics (i can't rem the lyrics) ok every time i hear the song, i will either turn off my radio or mute the volume. pity my innocent ears ok!

this afternoon is the happiest moment in my life. we always have our happiest moment in life right? i was in midvalley today to pay my digi bill but the system was down. i couldn't pay by using credit card. only cash is accepted and i don't have much cash with me, so i just forget about paying my bill. i bet it's not system down, it must be: they rather accept cash than cc, i think cos i had this experience before (system down at other location).

so i walked out from the store and i suddenly saw a restaurant that attracted me so's it's....POPEYES!!!! yes my beloved popeyes!! it's not popeye the sailorman mind you! it's popeyes the fried chicken!! popeyes originated from Louisiana and it's actually a fast food restaurant just like kfc FYI. kfc in the states really not as tasty as popeyes although popeyes chickens seem to be more oily. the cajun fries is really deliiiiicious. click POPEYES (from my previous entry) for pics.

now i don't need to dream of having the chickens anymore since i'm back home already. i can have my popeyes anytime whenever i crave for the fried chicken. just head to midvalley to satisfy my hunger/craving.....hahahahahaha yummy yummy~~ i had asam laksa this afternoon for lunch. i was so full but i can't stop myself from buying the 2-pc fried chicken + cajun fries.....just to try out the difference between the states and the one that's selling here. the taste is about the same i can say, but stil, the states one is still the best cos it originated there.

p/s: btw, today is 911, let's not forget this date that claimed lives of so many innocents and heroes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Did You Know?

i found this interesting video in a hollywood gossip site. hope you like this~

i can't imagine what is gonna happen to our future due to our super high technology....after watching this scaryyy

p/s: my entry is getting less interesting...i know that but i just can't help it 'cos my life is really bored. enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


hihi i'm still alive if you are wondering why the hell i didn't update my blog.

it's been a long week for me cos i went to outstation for work. just back today and i'm so damn tired.

hari raya is around the corner and tempus fugit.

i got a joke to share. the joker is my friend's boss. the joke is not destined to be a joke actually but it just happened to be one.

5 of us were listening to the radio in brandon's car.

helen: brandon, what station is this?

before brandon replies, the boss said: it's 105.70 fm (and pointed to the digits)

me: (huh??!! i laughed so loud....wuahahahahahhaaha and helen was looking at me and everyone in the car joined the laughter...)

ok actually we saw the 105.70 fm on the radio but we wanted to know the station's name e.g. he just didn't get us. anyway, if you speak in chinese the way we said it will be different from engl. that's why i know it ain't funny at all...:(

i failed miserably in telling jokes. will brush up my skill.