Saturday, September 5, 2009


hihi i'm still alive if you are wondering why the hell i didn't update my blog.

it's been a long week for me cos i went to outstation for work. just back today and i'm so damn tired.

hari raya is around the corner and tempus fugit.

i got a joke to share. the joker is my friend's boss. the joke is not destined to be a joke actually but it just happened to be one.

5 of us were listening to the radio in brandon's car.

helen: brandon, what station is this?

before brandon replies, the boss said: it's 105.70 fm (and pointed to the digits)

me: (huh??!! i laughed so loud....wuahahahahahhaaha and helen was looking at me and everyone in the car joined the laughter...)

ok actually we saw the 105.70 fm on the radio but we wanted to know the station's name e.g. he just didn't get us. anyway, if you speak in chinese the way we said it will be different from engl. that's why i know it ain't funny at all...:(

i failed miserably in telling jokes. will brush up my skill.

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