Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flaw Attack

i hate it when people use my flaw to "attack" me. it's not because the beauty product really helps to enlighten freckles but the promoter just want me to buy their products.

i was asking this promoter the usage of the product and she told me it can bla bla bla and in the end of her statement she added, "it can be used for freckles too." it's very obvious she's making that statement because she saw my freckles and wanted me to buy (no way!). my freckles that i have might help her to get sales. this made me unhappy of cos. you don't need to remind me of my flaw and i don't hate my freckles, it's just that i hope my freckles are not obvious with my fair skin.

goshhh... i had encountered this so called "flaw attack" twice in a week! this week was really an unlucky week for me, i felt so emo and mentally very exhausted.

the next time you encounter such incident (it might not be freckles) remember not to buy anything from them. just buzz off like i did :) :)

p/s: too much complaint recently, i hope it's gonna over by end of this week and will start a fresh day tomolo. good nite.

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