Friday, September 11, 2009


there's one song i really cannot tahan. the song is called diamonds by kraft. the melody is really...i don't know man. the guy's voice is so "gay" to me. and he keeps yelling....the lyrics (i can't rem the lyrics) ok every time i hear the song, i will either turn off my radio or mute the volume. pity my innocent ears ok!

this afternoon is the happiest moment in my life. we always have our happiest moment in life right? i was in midvalley today to pay my digi bill but the system was down. i couldn't pay by using credit card. only cash is accepted and i don't have much cash with me, so i just forget about paying my bill. i bet it's not system down, it must be: they rather accept cash than cc, i think cos i had this experience before (system down at other location).

so i walked out from the store and i suddenly saw a restaurant that attracted me so's it's....POPEYES!!!! yes my beloved popeyes!! it's not popeye the sailorman mind you! it's popeyes the fried chicken!! popeyes originated from Louisiana and it's actually a fast food restaurant just like kfc FYI. kfc in the states really not as tasty as popeyes although popeyes chickens seem to be more oily. the cajun fries is really deliiiiicious. click POPEYES (from my previous entry) for pics.

now i don't need to dream of having the chickens anymore since i'm back home already. i can have my popeyes anytime whenever i crave for the fried chicken. just head to midvalley to satisfy my hunger/craving.....hahahahahaha yummy yummy~~ i had asam laksa this afternoon for lunch. i was so full but i can't stop myself from buying the 2-pc fried chicken + cajun fries.....just to try out the difference between the states and the one that's selling here. the taste is about the same i can say, but stil, the states one is still the best cos it originated there.

p/s: btw, today is 911, let's not forget this date that claimed lives of so many innocents and heroes.

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