Monday, September 14, 2009

Stab, stab her to death!!

today was my unlucky day.

i worked hard at office but i didn't put emotion in it. i was like a robot you know, robot is nothing but a machine and they cannot think and you think they are smart enough to receive your order? think again.

i was a robot today because i was back stabbed by someone whom i do not hate/love.

this person A forwarded my email (that i replied to A) to my boss. my boss and this person has a good relationship. i did not hate my boss but i hate A 'cos why the hell A wanna cucuk my back?? my colleague said she had nothing better to do. she did not like the way i replied the email i presume (but i replied professionally) thus A did something which i knew she might have done it and she really did! sigh~~ i have 6th sense mind you. i am not a god nor a ghost but i know when something doesn't go right.

forget about this fucking person. i wanna zzz now. good nite~

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