Monday, October 26, 2009

Short note

it's been raining since last week. it's so cooling and it feels like genting here. everyday is a boring day especially weekdays cos weekdays means you have to work. weekends are great if i go back hometown. if i gotta choose, i'd choose not to work and do whatever i want. eat whatever i like, spend money like "water" and sleep all day long like a super pig. who doesn't like that? we all dream to be one. but while we are doing that, it's good to have money coming in...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Much of Wisdom

if you were wondering where and what i've been up to recently... i can tell you that i've been super busy with work. i've been very tired working at the office for the past few weeks. i came home with a sore shoulders and backache and that's the most miserable thing that i wish it won't happen to me. and i had to sleep early although i still sleep at my usual sleeping time.

last week i had my wisdom tooth extracted and i was so glad that it's finally over. my wisdom teeth bothered me for the past few years. i had 2 wisdom teeth extracted at the states and it cost me usd600 plus xray. during that time i paid with cc because i don't have dental insurance. the doc was professional and even advised me to remove 4 of my teeth. i did not want to so i ended up having 2 taken out at my left side of my mouth.

when i was in nyc, i visited chinese dentist and he really sucked. he offered me advice that normal homo sapiens will not follow. he gave me examples how one tooth will not push the neighbor teeth to a side. but i told him my teeth structured changed because of the "teeth pushing" and the wisdom teeth have no space to survive.

ok back to my surgery of my last wisdom tooth. it wasn't painful at all during the surgery. surprise! i don't know how the dentist pulled out my tooth, but all i knew was i heard loud noise, you know "gerudi" noise that could make you a deaf person. the dentist was so nice that she offered me a goggle bcos of the lights that were "attacking" my eyes. this was the 2nd time i went to GH for surgery. my 1st time was quite ok...the swell did not last for many days. but this time the swell last longer cos i had durians on the day after i had my surgery.. hahahaa and i had durians the next day, the day after and total of 4 days of durians. i really deserved the pain cos i can't control the "durian temptation." the pain only occurred after the anesthesia was gone.

today i have this "yellow patch" at my swollen face. i don't understand why yellow, maybe becos of the durian color that's yellowish. and this yellowish patch is the proof that i ate too much of durians and durians are heaty and poisoning (chinese beliefs). now that all my wisdom teeth were taken out, i bet my wisdom is no longer with me. i want to be a wise man. :P i hope you enjoy the photos!! :P

#1: a love-shaped/butt-shaped durian

#2: a medium-sized durian with 15-20 pcs/durian, believe it or not!

#3: my wisdom teeth. 3 are in good condition, the other 1 is cut into pieces.

p/s: mooncake fest entry with lotsa pics is next if i'm not too lazy to blog. :P