Saturday, November 28, 2009

Corby o Corby

i wanted corby so much. i am so excited bout it.. not until i tested the phone and it turned out to be a phone that i dislike. the touch screen is not sensitive enough and you have to touch it really hard when you select the menu. it's not bulky compared to nokia 5230. and the phone vibrates every time you touch the screen. and i only knew it later that you can choose to off the vibration.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


you know how to make changes on the slide, it's just that you needed some time to figure out. and then your boss takes this as the reason saying you are not capable and not familiar with pp. wt the heck. always pick on your small lil things - you tell yourself in heart. you can definitely do it but why he always nag you and tease your capability? he is not that good either.

i never had a male boss before. and a young one. a young boss that will drive you crazy. yb that is workaholic. yb that is...ok i really hate to blog about him. what if i became famous one day and everybody reads my blog. and the world will know whom i'm talking about. i bet he will never read my blog. if he did, then i'd be happy 'cos at least he knows i'm talking bout him.

btw, i had nasi lemak that cost me 3.20 this morning. i was shocked when the makcik said tiga dua. i wanted to say, mahalnya but then i didn't. nl with telur goreng and sotong. i thought it's less than 3. no telur rebus :(. she robbed me during daytime and you have no chance to do it again!!

here's the expensive nasi lemak

Monday, November 9, 2009

Give me a break...

Sue will not update her blog temporarily. Please come back later. TQ