Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

6 hours to go before 1.1.2011 but nothing seems to excite me. why?

always making the same resolutions; good career, prosperity, and etc. but most importantly is i wish all the things i want are granted. can i?

happy new year, many happy in returns, all wishes/dreams come true, live happily with your loved ones, and the list goes on.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!

Will be right back.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


really tired and bored at work today. but i got both double eyelids -- only today.

jusco maluri is having members' day sale from dec 1- 2; that means tomorrow...yeahh!!!

ok goodnite everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gaining Weight

recently my life is all about food. i think of what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

even worse, i am always anxiously waiting for pasar malam which falls on every friday and sunday. i miss the fresh orange juice, curry and tom yum fishballs, apong, tofufa, and many more.

every sat i will think of either eating chu cheong fun for breakfast or nasi lemak for my tea time. the rm1 nasi lemak bungkus is hallelujah! the best nasi lemak bungkus ever!!!

i love eating ice-cream and chocolates. but i have stopped eating chocs nowadays. it's fattening, it makes me hard to shit, and and it's sickening if you consumed too much of that. ice-creams really make me happy, happier and happiest but happiness does not end just like that.

with all these lovely and delicious food, how could i not become fat? and gaining 2kgs is not a small matter that i should be complaining about, right?? yeah ...unless bathroom scale does not exist in this world. thanks to my taylor electronic scale..because of you, taylor i get to weigh my weight 27 times a day...

** susan will succeed in reducing her weight provided she is consistent and discipline enough by avoiding junkies. **

Friday, November 12, 2010

Confused but happy

sometimes i really do not know what are the things that i should write and shouldn't write. i am confused and struggling within myself thinking...

1. should i voice out everything here? (of cos to some extent there are things that i cannot reveal)
2. should i just write purely about my feelings, experience and etc. (and will not talk bad about other people, but i think i can't, can you?? :P) to what level of openness/secrecy should i practice? i do not know myself...sigh~

i will never ever write about politics and religions because they are sensitive matters that i know i wouldn't write about.

i always had this feeling that one day my colleagues and some friends will find out about my blog's existence. wow that's a good thing right? or maybe a bad one. they don't know i am actually a blogger, but in the end they might find out that, "wow she's actually talking about me, and the list goes on..."

okay i think should really be myself...

today is actually my company's annual dinner. i really wanted to go but i ended up going out with wk and his aunt to eat kl's most famous porridge... low yau kee which is located at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. look for maybank and you will find this low yau kee (just in front of soong kee). before i continue with my story, let me show you these lovely pics..

chicken porridge (thick chicken slices hidden underneath the bubur), "white chicken meat" and pork meat ball (6 small balls cost about rm2. wtf. and the balls were really small...)

beef noodle soup from soong kee. this bowl of noodles tastes good but i expected this to taste like beef noodles in usa. the beef ball has fragrance smell but no beef taste. the wonton noodles are the "tiny" noodles, soup has too much aji. made me so thirsty after eating it.

this is how me and wk ate the beef noodles. the noodles act like a bridge. we eat it this way because it's hard for me to cut the noodles. so we are a crazy couple.

*above pictures were all taken using nokia 7230. lousy phone but good camera with 3.2 mega pixel.

so i have chosen to eat hawkers' food rather than attending my annual dinner. i've never been to my company's annual dinner before and this will be my one and last dinner. i am tired of thinking of what to wear, whether to follow the desert fantasy theme or wear normal dinner dress (and i don't have a suitable dress that i can wear). another reason would be, my ex-colleagues promised me to attend but half of them ended up not going. so here i am writing an interesting entry for your savory.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super happy

i am very very happy. my dream finally came true!!!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali's Fireworks

happy deepavali to everyone who celebrates this festival of lights! i was impressed by malaysian (Indians) who lighted fireworks yesterday at 11.30 p.m.. and continuously until 12.30 a.m.. When the clock ticked 12 a.m., it was so noisy and happening at ampang area. fireworks were seen from every angle of wk's house.

wooowww it really opened my eyes...we, malaysian (chinese) don't even light so much fireworks compared to the indians! keep up the good work! those indians must be very rich...anyway, i was busy taking videos of the fireworks yesterday midnite and now i wanna share the videos here. videos were taken using nokia 7230, quality not perfect.

oh btw, each video's duration is very short but, please enjoy them!

Monday, November 1, 2010

China - Part II

yohooo!! i am so proud of myself because i was able to edit some of my pictures from my china trip back in april and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure! tell you the truth: i was so lazy to upload pictures to my blog mainly because i have to insert "" on my pictures to show that these pictures belong to me, and no one would able to steal them away from me. previously, i lost my olympus cd software and had to lookup the internet and downloaded from olympus website. ok, without further ado, here are the pictures that i've promised. i kept my promise, at last! :) :)

p/s: it's more than half a year and there are some places that i couldn't recall. please forgive short term memory loss.

(note: pictures are not in chronological order) and they are more to come....)

we stopped at highways where they also have toilets to release our human nature's call. the toilets are really stinky 'till you cannot hold your breath. i suddenly thought of the lovely song and i don't remember by who....> ### you took my breath...awayy ###! our young and handsome tour guide, xiao liang told us that the owner of the gas station has no $$ to spend on toilet's maintenance....omg~

or oil tea. this youcha is served to welcome the guests. it is salty and flavored with ginger, spring onion and garlic.

one of the most satisfied pics i've ever taken for this trip. the bird's eye view from the hilltop. the background of this pic is Bainian village in Guilin's Longsheng county. We had to walk up to this hilltop in order to take this beautiful view of the village. some of us did not want to go up but i didn't regret going up and was very happy to take this beautiful pic of me (so perasan) and the village.

this handsome uncle is a strong man and always talked about girls and hamsup stories. he is in our group... i don't know why i put his pic here, maybe because he looks younger than his real age..he is 80 if i'm not mistaken.

a group of women singing their welcome and thank you songs to the visitors, this is what they called shan ge session. shan ge means "mountain songs." these women seen here were singing mountain songs while dancing with simple movements that reflected their daily activities.
let's continue on next entry, terima kasih kerana sudi menunggu~~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome back

hi guys!!! it's been quite some time since the last time i updated my blog which was may 7.

i am here to inform you that i am still alive, being happy and is in a good health condition.

sorry to keep you guys waiting and i still remember i owed you my lovely pics from china trip. wow that's very very long.. i know how it feels to wait for someone or something to appear in front you...and it's unbearable sometimes...

thank you for being there for me and i hope i won't disappoint my loyal readers...again.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I Love Plastic Bags


sorry to keep you guys waiting..i know you are waiting for my beautiful scenery of mountains and water (shan shui) pics of china, but i am too busy and lazy at the same time to edit and upload the pics. the pics will be uploaded at the next entry. pls don't call me a liar as i really don't lie to my readers!! never ever~~

fyi, effective tomorrow 5/8, all shopping malls in kuala lumpur will not provide free plastic bags to shoppers (opssss BAD BAD NEWS!!) therefore, you will have to bring your own recycle bag or if you don't have one and willing to spend 20cents/bag then it's okay..pls don't waste your 20cents, bring your own bag!

if you are an avid reader of mine, you must've known that i don't support this campaign at all. click here. it's not that i want to harm the mother earth, but if i couldn't get those plastic bags i would have to buy trash bags for my trash. why should i use my money for my trash? if we really have to ban plastic bags, then we should not have trash bags at all. we have other alternatives such as newspaper, boxes and etc? but newspaper and boxes are made of paper, therefore we will cut down many trees. so either you cut the trees or you harm the environment by using plastic bags?? let's stop arguing and i'll stick to my philosopy.

** susan will only use her collection of recycle bags when government implements and forces her to use them and stop producing and giving free plastic bags. **

Thursday, April 22, 2010

China - Part I --> The Unforgettable Smell

Hi guys, it’s been a long week for me. I went to china for 8 days 7 nites since last two weeks. I am quite busy this week to settle my things and since my important things are done, I am more relaxed now. I am lacking of rest and sleep and my head is spinning…

I shall write about my trip to china and divide them into several entries.

1st thing 1st,

I CAN’T STAND THE PUBLIC TOILETS IN CHINA!!! THEY DON’T HAVE DOORS!!!!! It was a scary experience. But not all public toilets have no doors. Toilets at Qixing gong yuan do have doors and are very clean. they have 5-star & 4-star restrooms which are super clean, cleaner than kl's toilets. But when I went into gong yuan toilets, I was shocked to see a Chinese aunt didn’t close the door. She just peed like that and by the time I saw her, she was wearing her pants. oh my god!! what a culture shock for me~

The stench was really annoying, disturbing, sickening and it makes any living creature wants to vomit. Buekkkkkk~~~~~~

I wanted to take pictures of the toilets but it was too smelly and I had no chance to do so. I am always the 1st few persons to run to the toilet when my tour bus stopped at highway’s restroom. I had to run because the aunts/uncles were so slow and loved chit-chatting while getting out of the bus. and because of that, i can't hide my butt in the open toilet - for once.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello China!

Yohooo!! i am heading off to china in few more hours. this will be my 2nd overseas trip after the states - the farthest place on earth i've ever been. i will definitely take more pics of myself and sceneries.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool

ello...happy april fool's day!! no one fooled me today and nobody fooled me for the past few years. i guess it's because we are old enough to not play april fool~

i was so happy because i received a call from the american embassy!!! i hope it's not an april fool and i bet it wasn't. i won't elaborate further because i am too happy to do that. and it's not appropriate for me to do it here, i think.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost my Jackie!

i hope you enjoy my photos from previous entry. i love it too... but bad things happened to me these 2 weeks.

Jackie - My boy.

i missed the moment i played with jackie, touched his smooth hair and used my both hands to play his "chin" u know somewhere near the throat there. he enjoyed it. i missed it when he barked at me when i made him angry (actually i was fooling with him and he knew it!) he bullied me by barking to me several times. and he never barked to my dad. he always followed him to wherever he went. he would sleep at a certain corner of my garden. we never told him where to sleep, but my dad once said, "we shall let him sleep here - just treat this corner like his bedroom." and he was loyal, lovely and good. he heard what my dad said and sleep at his bedroom since then. what a good boy... we only spent less than a month with him and he was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we all love him and treated him like a companion. we didn't tie him 'cos whenever we did that, he'd cry off his ass seeking for help and freedom. my dad would then untied him and he'll be seen running around and came near us. he will sit next to us and looked at us as if he understood what we were thinking or talking. jackiee.....i really miss you. i hope miracle will happen one day and you'll be back to your home and by our side.

i didn't know where he went, which entrance he used to go out (whether it's the main gate or small gate) because both entrances have big space in between. someone must have kidnapped him when he went out without our concern. my parents were out, my grandma was at neighbor's house. and no one was at home. he must be missing us too...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

CNY 2010 pics

pineapple tart

ang pow, money money!

jackieeeeee has blue eyes only with camera flash.

what are you staring at??

jackie resting on crystal's lap

i wanna drink ribena...can i?? (thirsty-looking jackie)

my new doggie...jackie! my daddy said jacky is for male and jackie is for female...anyway, he is jacky but everytime i call him, "jackie" will pop out of my mind.

lazy dog~ he is a sleeping dog. he sleeps all day long and that's his job. i still love him anyway.

jackie is not photogenic enough. he looks not as good looking as he is when off screen.

monkeys busy reading magazine.

best friend kononnya...

kam = mandarin oranges

nga ku (arrowhead)

morning feast

cashew nuts fried by my mom juciyyy

Monday, March 1, 2010

¡Es mi cumpleaños!

a day to grow old. a day to be proud of. a day to flash back and remember all the past memories. how time flies! may all my dreams and wishes come true!! * ¡Feliz cumpleaños! *

Monday, February 22, 2010


i hate myself when i become unhappy.

you feel happy when someone special calls you especially when you least expect it. you appreciate that call but then some weird feeling lingers around you. you don't feel like ending the call, but but you have to when the person on the phone wanted so. in the end, you are forced to hang up....tut... tut... tut... tut...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

ho00rrayy!! it's chinese new year eve. finally back home. tired with three hour journey and had a whole day sleep yesterday. it's freaking warm yesterday..goshh!! anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone. gong xi fa cai~~~ and Happy Valentine's day!!! xoxo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Penis on Stomach

i have gain extra weight for these past few weeks. people told me that, then only i realized it. and when i looked at my double chin, it pretty much confirms what people have told me. it's not even new year but i have already putting on my weight...noooo!!!

i read something interesting today. a wife glued her husband's penis on his stomach because he had affairs with several women. hahahaha i found this very funny. nowadays people are so crazy and would do anything to release their anger/discomfort. no offence to males out there but i really think it's freaking hilarious. at least, it releases my boredom for 10 minutes. that means i have to think of the "penis on stomach" every 10 minutes to "unbored" my self. okay i am a silly girl~

** susan only thought of the penis on stomach once after reading the news. :p **

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

V day = CNY

chinese new year (cny) is around the corner. it coincides with valentine's day this year. i haven't done my spring cleaning at this small, organized but dusty room, but my mom is taking care of my room at hometown. i have bought fatty drinks such as shandy (beer with lemonade), sarsi, chrysanthemum, and 100 plus can drinks. you cannot miss "nga ku" chips, kuih kapit, mandarin oranges, pomelo, "nian gao," red packets (angpow), and gambling during cny. all i gotta do in cny (as always) is to eat more so that i gain extra weight, drink more carbonated drinks, eat more mandarin oranges, sleep more, and finally hope to get more angpows!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Plastic Bags?

no plastic bags on every sat in selangor state effective jan 9. cool, becos i'm not living in selangor but near to selangor. and i am indeed happy and sad because it's not happening in kl but it's gonna happen, soon. goshh!

i went to super/hypermarkets that are located in selangor yest and i totally forgot about the "no plastic days" until i saw shoppers with a cart full of groceries and stuffs with no plastic bags. the things were all dumped into their carts after checking out. some shoppers were willing to pay 20cents/bag 'cos they didn't use a cart. others were seen carrying with their own recycle bags (good citizens and green customers huh) and i saw a guy stuffed all his items in his backpack.

this campaign is good but i don't really support it because i keep plastics bags for my trash bin. i use it for other purposes as well. call me a selfish person but what are the benefits of this campaign? a greener and better environment, yes and basically it's all about environment. plastics are nondegradable and we hear that all the time. we need to reduce using plastic bags but not totally stop using it. if i cannot get free plastic bags, then i'd have to use my own $$ to buy the blue plastic bags for my trash bin. this is not gonna happen!

back to groceries, with no plastic bags, i'd have to put all my things in a recycle bag. i hate to put the wet and dry items together or household items with my food in the same bag. that's disgusting!! i don't wanna die eating clorox that is accidentally dropped into my veggies. the cashiers' job will be more relaxed cos they don't need to pack your things in a plastic bag. they just scan your items and that's it. you go and gather your own stuffs and dump them in ur cart. but security guards might have more work to do. they need to make sure that you are not stealing things from their supermarket. let them do the extras.

i went to tesco ampang yest and the 1st thing the cashier asked me was: did you bring the bag from home? i said, yes! the recycle bag looked new 'cos this was my first time using it. i even asked myself will they think i steal the bag? fuhh~~ so much of worries.

so to all plastic bags users out there, train yourself to use recycle bags although you might not like it or not used to it. practice makes perfect! be more environmental friendly. and besides being environmental friendly, it's one of the reason for hyper/supermarkets to cut cost (whether it's direct or indirect)

** susan hopes the world will be a better place to live, but at the same time she really likes plastic bags for "trashing" purpose. **

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy new year everyone!!

i still can't believe that we are now in 2010. it's so new to me till i tell myself to wake up susan, you are now in a better year ahead! but will it be a good year??? yea! i hope, i wish, i dream and i really want it!!

i feel so energetic now because i had a good day in office today. my boss didn't nag me like last week. it's so bored to hear him telling me the same shits, that particular word i dislike ... bla bla bla. enough of that. i really heard enough and had enough!

this month cleo mag gives some useful tips for me in terms of work and life philosophy. i like the quote, "accept the past, plan for the future but live in the now (present). i really like it cos sometimes i don't think i am living in the present because i don't like my current now. we plan for our future because we are not happy with our current condition, we try to escape and want to get rid of our "unhappiness."

i hope the time flies faster because i don't wanna be alone. i wanna to be with my loved ones, but having said that i have to sacrifice. i'm gonna age faster, have more fine lines, more obvious dark eye circles and more freckles??? sounds horrific!

my new year resolutions?? i need to list them down or at least i got a few of them already. again, i wish everyone a happy new year! happy 2010 and may you have a joyful and prosperous new year!!

** susan hopes she can be more optimistic and doesn't get stress easily when she's at work. :) **