Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Plastic Bags?

no plastic bags on every sat in selangor state effective jan 9. cool, becos i'm not living in selangor but near to selangor. and i am indeed happy and sad because it's not happening in kl but it's gonna happen, soon. goshh!

i went to super/hypermarkets that are located in selangor yest and i totally forgot about the "no plastic days" until i saw shoppers with a cart full of groceries and stuffs with no plastic bags. the things were all dumped into their carts after checking out. some shoppers were willing to pay 20cents/bag 'cos they didn't use a cart. others were seen carrying with their own recycle bags (good citizens and green customers huh) and i saw a guy stuffed all his items in his backpack.

this campaign is good but i don't really support it because i keep plastics bags for my trash bin. i use it for other purposes as well. call me a selfish person but what are the benefits of this campaign? a greener and better environment, yes and basically it's all about environment. plastics are nondegradable and we hear that all the time. we need to reduce using plastic bags but not totally stop using it. if i cannot get free plastic bags, then i'd have to use my own $$ to buy the blue plastic bags for my trash bin. this is not gonna happen!

back to groceries, with no plastic bags, i'd have to put all my things in a recycle bag. i hate to put the wet and dry items together or household items with my food in the same bag. that's disgusting!! i don't wanna die eating clorox that is accidentally dropped into my veggies. the cashiers' job will be more relaxed cos they don't need to pack your things in a plastic bag. they just scan your items and that's it. you go and gather your own stuffs and dump them in ur cart. but security guards might have more work to do. they need to make sure that you are not stealing things from their supermarket. let them do the extras.

i went to tesco ampang yest and the 1st thing the cashier asked me was: did you bring the bag from home? i said, yes! the recycle bag looked new 'cos this was my first time using it. i even asked myself will they think i steal the bag? fuhh~~ so much of worries.

so to all plastic bags users out there, train yourself to use recycle bags although you might not like it or not used to it. practice makes perfect! be more environmental friendly. and besides being environmental friendly, it's one of the reason for hyper/supermarkets to cut cost (whether it's direct or indirect)

** susan hopes the world will be a better place to live, but at the same time she really likes plastic bags for "trashing" purpose. **

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy new year everyone!!

i still can't believe that we are now in 2010. it's so new to me till i tell myself to wake up susan, you are now in a better year ahead! but will it be a good year??? yea! i hope, i wish, i dream and i really want it!!

i feel so energetic now because i had a good day in office today. my boss didn't nag me like last week. it's so bored to hear him telling me the same shits, that particular word i dislike ... bla bla bla. enough of that. i really heard enough and had enough!

this month cleo mag gives some useful tips for me in terms of work and life philosophy. i like the quote, "accept the past, plan for the future but live in the now (present). i really like it cos sometimes i don't think i am living in the present because i don't like my current now. we plan for our future because we are not happy with our current condition, we try to escape and want to get rid of our "unhappiness."

i hope the time flies faster because i don't wanna be alone. i wanna to be with my loved ones, but having said that i have to sacrifice. i'm gonna age faster, have more fine lines, more obvious dark eye circles and more freckles??? sounds horrific!

my new year resolutions?? i need to list them down or at least i got a few of them already. again, i wish everyone a happy new year! happy 2010 and may you have a joyful and prosperous new year!!

** susan hopes she can be more optimistic and doesn't get stress easily when she's at work. :) **